Beginners' Guide to Battling

If you understand the basic principles behind attacking in the Battledome, you'll be pleased to know that defending works in much the same way.

Just as attack weapons deal icons of damage, defensive weapons block certain types and amounts of icons. The icon types are the same ones mentioned in the attack tutorial. Which icons, and how many, can be blocked varies between different weapons. For instance, the Leaf Shield can block five icons of earth damage, five water, and three physical.

Much like attack icons, defence icons get stronger or weaker depending on your pet's stats. You'll need to look at the Defence stat to find out how much damage each icon will block. Just as the different ranges of strength are known as strength boosts, the categories in the table below are often called defence boosts.

A pet whose Defence is...will block...
7 or less.5 damage per icon
8 to 12.75 damage
13 to 191 damage
20 to 341.25 damage
35 to 541.5 damage
55 to 842 damage
85 to 1242.5 damage
125 to 1993 damage
200 to 2494.5 damage
250 to 2995.5 damage
300 to 3496.5 damage
350 to 3997.5 damage
400 to 4498.5 damage
450 to 4999.75 damage
500 to 54911 damage
550 to 59912 damage
600 to 64913 damage
650 to 69914 damage
700 or 74915 damage
750 or higher16 damage

It's important to remember that the different types of defence icons are not interchangeable. If you are using a Leaf Shield -- which blocks earth, water, and physical damage -- and your opponent attacks you with a weapon that deals air damage, your shield will be unable to block any of it.

The amount of damage your pet receives cannot be lower than zero. If your defensive weapon blocks more damage than your opponent can deal, then your pet will receive no damage whatsoever.

Fractional defence icons (where weapons block less damage than their displayed icons would suggest) do exist, but are not as common as fractional attack.

Defence Calculation Example

My pet has a Defence stat of 60, and is using a Leaf Shield. My opponent deals 5 points (not icons) of fire damage, 5 points of earth damage, and 15 points of water damage.

A Defence stat of 60 falls into the 55 strength boost, meaning that each icon blocks 2 points of damage. This means that my Leaf Shield can protect my pet from 10 points of earth damage, 10 points of water damage, and 6 points of physical damage.

Of the 5 points of earth damage from my opponent, my shield blocks 10, meaning I receive no earth damage at all.
Of the 15 points of water damage, my shield blocks 10, meaning I receive 15 - 10 = 5 points of damage.
Finally, since my Leaf Shield cannot block fire damage at all, I receive all 5 of the 5 points of fire damage.

Adding together all the damage types, we find that my pet takes 0 + 5 + 5 = 10 points of damage.

This article was written by: In-Depth Battlepedia