Training Your Pet

When you first created your pet, you may have noticed its stats told you that its strength was "average", "strong", or something of the like, right? Well, most of it is lies; your darling pet was ridiculously weak when it was created. So, now that you've come to terms with your pet's weakness, what can you do about it? Well, you can train up your pet's stats to turn it into a fighting machine! There are a number of methods for you to train your pet, which are (in no particular order):

Mystery Island Training School

At the Mystery Island Training School, you can train your pets through training courses. Each course takes a fixed amount of time, depending on your pet's Level. Each course raises a chosen stat by one point although occasionally you can get a training bonus which raises that stat by more than one point. Each course is paid with Codestones. The Training School is only for pets at or under level 250. It should also be noted that Codestones can be obtained for free from Tombola as well as Key Quest.

Main Codestone

Secret Ninja Training School

The Secret Ninja Training School is very similar to the Mystery Island Training School. Courses are selected in a similar fashion. The main difference, however, is that in order to use this training school your pet has to be Level 250 or higher. Additionally, instead of paying with normal Codestones, you pay for courses with Red Codestones, which tend to be more expensive. The main advantage of this school over the Training School is time: a Level 250 pet at the Training School takes 24 hours, while the same pet at the Ninja School takes 4 hours. Not being able to train at the regular school is another incentive to train with the Ninjas.

Mag Codestone

The Swashbuckling Academy

Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy is also follows the same similar pattern as the two other schools. However, the academy is only for pets at or under Level 40. Additionally, courses are paid with Dubloons. Also, courses here take a bit longer than those in the Training School. One slight advantage here is that you are able to cancel unpaid courses here, unlike at the two other schools.

Two Dubloon Coin

Training Limits

For all three schools listed above, you're limited in how you can train your pet. In order to enroll in a course, your pet must have stats less than twice your pet's Level, with one exception. For example, a Level 3 pet with 15 Strength won't be able to train; your Level would need to be 8 before you can train your Strength to 16. The exception to this is your pet's HP. At the Mystery Island and Secret Ninja schools you can overtrain your pet's HP to three times their Level (Cap'n Threelegs makes no such exception). However, in order to train any other stats, the HP for your pet would need to again be twice your Level. Using this knowledge, you can make the most of your NP. For example, if you have a pet at Level 20 with 40 HP, Strength, and Defence, you can train your HP to 60 before continuing training the other stats. That way, you're able to train 20 HP using only one Codestone per course, instead of two. Then you can raise your Level from 20 to 30 and continue your training as usual.

Kitchen Quests

In addition to just normal training, there are also Kitchen Quests. While there is a limit of ten a day, it can be quick and (possibly) cheap training. Each quest gives a reward of either an item, neopoints, or a random stat point to any of your pets. Even though you don't always get a stat point, your odds are pretty good on gaining a few stat points per day. Furthermore, you are also allowed to reject quests if you find the ingredients are too expensive. Be warned that if you reject a quest you will have to wait for a short time before being able to attempt another quest. Because of randomness in choosing a pet to reward stats, Kitchen Quests work best for training when you only have one pet.

Chefs Spatula

The Secret Lab Ray

The Lab Ray is a training method acquired through the purchase of all nine pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map. Once you have all nine pieces, you get a 10,000 neopoint reward and access to the Lab Ray, where you can zap a pet of your choice once each day. It can change your pet's species, color, or gender as well as increasing or decreasing your pet's stats. The lab does not give out stats evenly. A pet that solely relies on the lab will most likely stay at a low Level (because it subtracts Levels frequently), while having high HP, somewhat high Strength, low Defence, and somewhat high Movement. Because of the uneven stats from lab, it may be a bit tedious to both lab and use training schools simultaneously.

Jordie getting zapped

Faerie Quests

Faerie Quests are randomly given quests where you must fetch an item to make a Faerie happy. This is probably the cheapest method to gain stats, except they're randomly given. Before the fall of Faerieland (and a revamp of Faerie Quests) stats were rewarded to a random pet. Since the revamp, however, your active pet will get any stat increases given as a reward for completing a Faerie Quest.


There are several other Faeries that may give you a quest, but only the following Faeries will grant rewards that affect your pet's Battledoming abilities:

Air Faerie Doll Air Faeries
+3 Movement
Dark Faerie Doll Dark Faeries
+3 HP
Earth Faerie Doll Earth Faeries
+3 Strength or Defence or Movement
Fire Faerie Doll Fire Faeries
+3 Strength
Floating Light Faerie Doll Light Faeries
+2 Level
Water Faerie Doll Water Faeries
+3 Defence
Floating Battle Faerie Doll Battle Faerie
+3 HP, +3 Strength, and +3 Defence
Faerie Queen Doll Faerie Queen
+2 Level, +5 HP, and +5 Strength
Space Faerie Doll Space Faerie
+5 Levels
Faerie Queen Doll Soup Faerie
+2 Two Random Stats


Stat Increasing Items

For those that want to increase stats more quickly stat-increasing neggs, mushrooms, potions and scrolls exist for that very purpose. However, these items are usually much more expensive than other training methods. Generally, only very high-Level pets use these items because they are expensive. However, there is no training method quicker than snaffling a few Altador Strength Potions! A full listing of all stat increasers can be found here.

Altador Strength Potion


Additionally, some dailies give out stats, although it's neither a good nor a predictable method of training. For example, Coltzans Shrine, which you can visit every 12 hours, occasionally gives out stats, and the Fruit Machine will also rarely gives out some stats when you win. Also, every once in a while, you might get a Random Event where your pet will gain stat point or two. Don't count on it, though.

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