Secret Ninja Training School

At the Secret Ninja Training School, strong pets can be trained beyond what is offered at the normal Mystery Island Training School. To be able to train here, you must have a pet that is level 250+. If you attempt to access it without one, you'll receive the following message:

A mysterious door is before you, but you can not read the writing to decide what's within. You decide to to turn around and go the other direction before something evil comes and hurts you.


The location of the Secret Ninja Training school may be a little tricky to find at first; in the highlighted section of the image below, click the stairs.

Secret Ninja School Location

Note: Even though all of Techo Mountain outlines in blue when you mouse over the correct area of the stairs, clicking on them will take you to the training school. They are still secret, after all.


To be able to pay for training at the Secret Ninja Training School, you must pay in red codestones; which can be received by trading in normal codestones at Techo Mountain, purchased from other users via the Shop Wizard, or as Battledome prizes. There are six types of red codestones, listed below.


The type of course you must take at the Secret Ninja Training School varies depending on your pet's level, similar to how the regular Mystery Island Training School works. There are six courses you can take, costing from one red codestone to six red codestones, as shown in the table below.

Secret Ninja Training School Prices
Level Range # codestones Duration
250-299 1 4 hours
300-399 2 6 hours
400-499 3 8 hours
500-599 4 10 hours
600-749 5 12 hours
750+ 6 12 hours


To train your pet, select the pet you wish to train on the Courses page; you must pick the (level 250+) pet you wish to train and the type of course you want to take (Strength, Defence, Agility, Endurance, and Level) and then click "Start Course". You can cancel courses after signing up, but you will have to wait 24 hours to choose a new one.

You are not allowed to train a statistic above twice your pet's level. The only exception is your Endurance (HP), which can go three times higher than your level. However, if your Endurance is more than twice your level, you will not be able to train any other statistic. In order to train other statistics once again, you must train your level up until your Endurance is at most twice your level.

You will then be brought to the status page, in which the codestones you must use to pay are listed. Once have all of the codestones listed in your inventory, you are able to pay by clicking the text "click here to pay".

Paying For The Course

Completing a Course

At the end of your training, you will need to press the button "Complete Course" in order for the new statistics to take effect. If not, your pet will sit there, waiting for you to press it.

When you complete a course, your pet will usually only get 1 point in the trained area. Occasionally, however, you might get a 2 point boost and, rarely, a mega 3 point boost! (And on super rare occasions, up to 4 or 5 or even 6 point boosts have been recorded.) The odds of receiving these bonus stat points are as follows:

Boost Increase Odds
2 1/10 (10%)
3 1/100 (1%)
4 1/1000 (0.1%)
5 1/10,000 (0.01%)
6 1/100,000 (0.001%)

The Secret Ninja Shop

Yes, there is a small shop in the Secret Ninja Training School! You are able to buy battle items in the Secret Ninja Training School, as shown below. (For more information on these items, check this page in the Jellyneo Item Database.) Note that you can often get these items cheaper purchasing from other players than from the shop.

You may purchase one item every 30 minutes.

Items For Sale

The Statue

There is also a mysterious statue located within the training school. You may donate any number of Neopoints to the statue, and in exchange, you'll receive a pearl of wisdom. There are no other known effects from donating.

Thank you for your Neopoints.

The sayings are:

Random Wisdom Lesson

If you're lucky, you can also receive a Random Wisdom Lesson which can appear on any of the Secret Ninja Training School pages.

I'm a wise ninja. But aren't all ninjas wise?

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