Faerie Abilities

Opening any of the Bottled Faeries will give you blessings, which you can trade in for various abilities. The abilities that are available to your Neopet depend on which level your pet is at, and as your pet reaches a new tier, they can select one of three abilities from that tier. To trade in your blessings for abilities, visit Aethia at the Battledome.

Once you have selected an ability at a level, you can change it later and you will only be changed half of the normal price to do so.

For a listing of the abilities from the Old Battledome, check out our archival guide.

Level 25

An Icicle
Frozen water can be quite devastating in battle.

"The compass in the stock can't help you now."
Attack: *water**water**water**water**water**water*
Cost: Water x 10
Usability: Multiuse
Cooldown: 0
Irritable Minions
Summon your dark minions to attack your opponent... eventually.

"How many of them ARE there?"
Attack: *dark**dark**dark**dark**dark**dark**dark**dark*
Effect: Takes 1 round to activate. When used, it deals 8 icons on the following round.
Cost: Darkness x 10
Usability: Multiuse
Cooldown: 10
Inflict fire damage upon your opponent. It takes a while to put it out.

"Make sure to get it even on both sides."
Attack: *fire**fire**fire**fire*
Effect: Attack is dealt for 2 consecutive rounds.
Cost: Fire x 10
Usability: Multiuse
Cooldown: 0