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The Void Within: July 10th Update
Posted by Quail on July 10, 2024, 2:13 am NST
UPDATE, July 11 10:24 AM NST: Right now it looks like users are getting the Devoted Caretaker avatar after 13 shifts total. We'll continue to keep you posted if that changes!

UPDATE, 12:00 PM NST: A new avatar has been popping up over at the NeoHospital! Those that complete 10 ??? volunteer shifts will receive the Devoted Caretaker avatar.

As of this afternoon, the avatar is no longer awarded when 10 volunteer shifts are completed. The original text on the pop-up indicated that the avatar would be available after 12 shifts, so it's possible the avatar has been corrected to 12 instead. We'll have to wait a few more hours to find out!

Make sure you take advantage of the second volunteering slot (open after you read the updated story—see below), so that you can send off two Neopets at once to volunteer!

Today, Chapter 2, Page 2 has been made available under the Story tab.

Reading the comic will grant you an additional +1 plot point along with the following item:

Text beneath the comic also indicates that the next part of the war component of the plot has expanded with Battle for Brightvale II becoming available. This means a new set of the same opponents can be battled (with 5 waves), and an additional pet can volunteer for a shift at the NeoHospital (for a total of two simultaneously)—but you must read the comic before either expansion is actually available to participate in.

Void Essence collection day 6 has begun today, so if you haven't missed any days of this week yet, you can collect the weekly bonus prize after collecting your allotment today. This awards +20 plot points along with a random item from a pool of prizes. Today's Void Essence locations are:

Jellyneo's Void Within plot checklist tool received an update which allows you to custom enter a point value less than the max for certain tasks so you can have an accurate count of your plot points.

You may also adjust the points for any tasks that have you have already marked as complete to add points as you earn them throughout the day or update after the fact.

Release Notes Update
Posted by Kenny on July 9, 2024, 7:19 pm NST
UPDATE, July 10th: At some point today, TNT added one more bug fix to the list. TNT has fixed the bug that prevents Neomails from showing you your previous message being replied to. We've confirmed that this appears to be a fix going forward, and is not retroactive:

Neomail Replies - This feature broke around the time that Jumpstart took over Neopets. Someone replies to your Neomail, you will be able to see what you originally wrote to them in the response!

Happy Tuesday! TNT has stealthily published a few updates under the release notes today. We wanted to highlight a few of the most notable.

  • Permanent Battledome NP Limit Increase: You may have noticed the Battledome's daily Neopoint limit has increased to 50,000 up from the previous 1,500 during the plot. The release notes announce that this is a permanent change, even after the plot is over!
  • Dacardia Joins; Everyone Returns: The release notes confirm that Dacardia will be joining as 19th team in the Altador Cup this year, meaning no teams will need to sit out for them to participate. (The notes do not say if this will require a change in the tournament format that has been used for the last several years.)
  • Slushie Slinger Colour Bug Fix: Slushie Slinger will have a bug fix to an issue with inconsistent/incorrect slushie colours requested by customers.
  • Faster Image Loading: TNT has implemented some changes to how images are served to reduce some slowness in loading them. (We can personally confirm the success of these changes while processing wearable assets over at our Wardrobe!)
  • Void Essence Point Corrections: An issue where some users were not properly awarded plot points after collecting void essences has been resolved, and has promised to mass-correct any players already affected.

The release notes also recap many of the newer developments in The Void Within plot, as well as few more miscellaneous minor bug fixes.

New battledome item included as a battledome prize!
Posted by SirCabbage on July 8, 2024, 8:43 pm NST
The first of multiple unique battledome weapons to be released during this plot has been released and it is worth A-Voiding.

The weapon has clearly been created with the mind that the opponents are primarily darkness based, which would be a perfectly reasonable choice if not for the recent mass deflation of both the Hanso Charisma Charm and even more powerful The Mystical Tablet.

You can gain this new shield as a rare drop when fighting in the barracks during the plot.

Perhaps of more consequence is the fact that the hospital prizes include the Leaded Elemental Vial, an incredibly powerful full healer. Check out our guides below for more information on how you can access these

You can do both of these activities at once and receive independent prize points and prizes so you can save up for one of the many other highlights of the plot.

The Void Within: July 8th Updates
Posted by Quail on July 8, 2024, 3:05 am NST
With the locations of void essences shifting daily now, our Void Essence Collection guide will always be updated each day with the new locations:

UPDATE, 3:30 PM NST: The lag is beginning to subside, and battling the Voidling and Void Prowler seems to be working reliably now!

Here's what you should do:

  • Register a non-battling Neopet at the NeoHospital for a volunteer shift, which will net you +20 plot points after the shift ends (and an item prize)
  • Take your battling Neopet to the Barracks and begin battling the Voidling and Void Prowler challengers—you will complete 4 battles back to back and you will earn up to +40 plot points along with item prizes, which will appear after the fourth battle
  • You may complete battles to earn a total of up to +200 plot points, after which you are cut off from earning more points from battling. As the first volunteer shifts wrap up, we are also seeing Neopians gaining +20 points over the alleged 200 point cap. We are unsure if this is a glitch, or if you will be able to earn over 200 points per day from battling and volunteering.

UPDATE, 10:00 AM NST: The Battledome and Volunteering sections are now live!

You are able to participate in both activities at once, but an individual Neopet cannot Battle while they are actively volunteering at the hospital.


At the Volunteering page, you may select one of your Neopets to help out with the war effort. There is no stat requirement to do so. This works like the Grave Danger daily, in that your Neopet is pledged to help at the hospital for 6 hours, and you are rewarded when they return.


Plot challengers are not available in the regular battledome, and can only be fought through the Reserve Barracks (though the regular Battledome has been updated to the new layout).

You select the difficulty of the opponent you wish to fight, and are challenged to beat several of them for a reward. Normal rules around battling apply, in that sick or hungry Neopets cannot participate. You are thrown straight into a series of battles when you select your Neopet, and each opponent drops battledome loot up to a max of 15 when defeated provided you have not already claimed your 15 prizes from the regular Battledome for the day. The normal 1,500 Neopoint limit on rewards doesn't seem to apply to plot battles, as you can continue to earn Neopoints with each battle.

Note: Due to the number of people battling, this part of the plot is very laggy, and may error out due to the lag, spitting you back into the regular Battledome rather than the plot one. If you are thrown out of an ongoing battle, you can get back in via the regular Battledome's status page.

Battles also award plot points on completion up to a cap, though at present many players report being stuck on 10 points. It also is not clear how to trigger a battle with the 2nd type of opponent.

The Battle tab of the plot hub has also been made live, with a live count of how many opponents the community has defeated in total.

Today, the Brightvale map is now appearing grey!

Chapter 2 has been made available under the Story tab with the release of page 1 today.

Reading the comic will grant you an additional +1 plot point along with the following item:

Text beneath the comic also indicates that the battle component of the plot will begin TODAY, July 8 at 10am NST. This means each the fighting component as well as the hospital component of the plot will begin later this morning. The language currently suggests you will only be able to participate in one component, but we'll learn more when this launches in some more hours!

There have been a number of other updates! TNT Dingo posted a Neoboard with the official info, and a followup Neoboard with a change to the first.

Void Essence collection will now rotate between different 3 map locations daily, which will remain the same for all users. (Initially TNT accounted it would be random for all users from any map location daily, but changed this within a few hours after receiving community feedback.) Today's locations have been updated to be the same for everyone:

In addition to the Achievements UI updates we noted last night, an exclamation point notification will appear on the Rewards tab when a new Fearless Deed is ready. Dingo also clarified the changes to the From the Very Beginning task:
The "From the Very Beginning" achievement has been updated to read "Joined in the First Week" and has been awarded to all users who participated in any plot content during the first 8 days of the plot, starting from June 17th thru June 24th.
If you participated in the plot during the first 8 days and have not received credit for this achievement, Submit a Ticket and select Neopets Category "The Void Within".

Feature Friday: Punchbag Sid
Posted by Kenny on June 14, 2024, 5:30 pm NST
This weekend, we're shining the spotlight on a new article about an old feature on Neopets: Punchbag Sid.

Punchbag Sid used to make brief but regular appearances in the Battledome as a surprise replacement for Punchbag Bob. Unlike Bob, who does not fight back and exists mostly to allow players to test weapons, Sid is one of the most powerful 1-player Battledome opponents, with a world class weapon set to boot! Notably, he also awards a secret avatar just for losing to him!

However, Sid had been dormant for many years. His appearances have to be manually triggered by TNT, and the metaphorical button was lost over time and TNT transitions.

That changed last month on May 17th, when he reappeared for about an hour around 7am NST!

While we have no idea if or when TNT will trot him out again (he has not been spotted since), we want to be sure we are ready to support you and alert you to get that elusive avatar! To do that, we have set up trigger alerts, similar to how we do with Turmaculus most days.

When the alert is triggered, you will see the above icon atop the sidebar on all pages of our main site, and in the bell alert box on any of our other departments.

We've also put together a guide on everything you need to know about how, when, and why to fight Sid—including what it takes to defeat him, if you really want to!