SirCabbageMaractite Marvels reveals new designer- rebrands to Maractire Marvels
Posted by SirCabbage on September 2, 2016, 2:12 pm NST
The Maraquan weapon-shop owners have announced the release of two new Battledome items at, as they call it in the news, "Maractire Marvels". Obviously this marks the beginning of a new look and feel, as the traditional blue MARACTITE gear does not feature.

Feel free to step into the new rebranded "Maractire Marvels" and see if you can get yourself a bargain. As always, check back here later for our personal tests and ratings of the new weapons.
HerdyBattledome Loot Data Needed - Snow Beast
Posted by Herdy on August 27, 2016, 5:43 am NST
As part of our efforts to gather information on challenger difficulty drops - we'd like you to focus on specific challengers to get a better idea of their drops - this week, the target is the Snow Beast in the Frost Arena. We need data on all difficulties!

If you want to battle other challengers though, we're still accepting data from all challengers!

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