Tunic of Warding (r96) [Ultra Rare]View in Item Database
DescriptionIf your Neopet knows how to use it, this tunic will protect them from some fire spells. Tunic of Warding


Average Rating [?]
Attack N/A
Defense *-water**-water**-earth**-earth**-dark**-dark* + [*-fire**-fire**-fire*]
Reflect N/A
Effects N/A
Actual Icons
Restocks At Brightvale Armour
Used By N/A
Special Categorization None
Notes Defends fire if your pet has 300 or More Intelligence.
Ratings - Tunic of Warding
Price/Power (0/5)
Only offers 6-9 icons. The price is already not as good as some blockers, but add on the amount required to get to 300 intelligence and this weapon becomes less useful still.

Countermeasures (1/5)
Fire and earth is a decent combination- but without adding something else on such as light or air this weapon is limited when compared to the amount of choice around these days.

Alternatives Upgrades or Downgrades
I would suggest just getting something like the much cheaper {{Virtupets X-514 Super Shield}, or forgoing this weapon all together and going for a stronger attacking item instead.

Other Points

Final Thoughts
Don't tell anyone- but the trick is to throw the tunic on the ground. When met with just how bad this tunic is people are met with an overwhelming urge to burn it. Perfect defense!

Rated on June 26, 2018

Tunic of Warding will provide 9 icons of potential defense to pets with 300+ Intelligence. Considering that 9 icons is just barely enough to even consider a shield, additional requirements for use are quite frustrating.

Unlike the generic 3x3 9-icon shields, Tunic of Warding covers four different icon types. The problem with this type of a spread is that it is unlikely that this shield will block all four icon types on the same turn. Considering that this weapon needs to fully utilize its defense to justify using it over an offensive weapon, the prospects for this weapon are grim. (Remember, beginner level weaponry like Scroll of Ultranova deal 9+ icons these days, if not more. Shields should be able to meet or exceed the amount of offense being thrown around to justify their use.)

The intelligence requirement is steep, the amount of defense is small, and the spread of icon types is too sporadic. All of these factors work against Tunic of Warding, and new battlers will be better off looking at these cheap shields instead:

Blue Draping Cloak
Leaf Shield
Parchment Cloak
Ivy Laced Cloak

Rated on July 18, 2013