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Haunted Skull Fan (r84) [Uncommon]View in Item Database
DescriptionWhat spooky powers does this fan possess? Haunted Skull Fan


Average Rating [?]
Attack *air**air**air**air**air**air*
Defense *-physical**-physical**-physical*
Reflect N/A
Effects N/A
Actual Icons
Restocks At Haunted Weaponry
Used By N/A
Special Categorization None
Notes None
Ratings - Haunted Skull Fan
Price/Power (1/5)
The price of this item has been steadily increasing again over time again making it worse. It is still cheap, but 9 icons just isn't enough to make me jump for joy in this day and age.

Countermeasures (2/5)
The Basic Shield of Flight and Fitted Velvet Cloak block the attack of this fan but the chances of running into that is minimal. The best part of this dual duty is the fact that it blocks physical, however, it just doesn't offer ENOUGH physical.

Alternatives Upgrades or Downgrades
The next level up from this air attack wise is the Sword of Ari, but realistically you don't need that. Try and get a better 10-11 icon constant and a good shield instead.

Other Points (No Bonus)

Final Thoughts
If you managed to get one of these free and need to use air, sure, this is fine.

Rated on September 29, 2013

Haunted Skull Fan is an ultra-cheap Dual Duty weapon sporting 6 icons of offense and 3 icons of defense. A Dual Duty offering 9 total icons is generally lackluster in today's entry-level game, but Haunted Skull Fan stands out from the rest.

Unlike most 6-3 Dual Duties, Haunted Skull Fan does not deal 3 icons of two different icon types. Instead, this weapon offers a focused attack of 6 Air icons. Although it may not seem like much, this barrage of Air icons is the strongest available on the Shop Wizard. At a price of roughly a thousand Neopoints, Haunted Skull Fan is a bargain.

The Physical defense is common, but nice considering that Haunted Skull Fan will block icons more often than other Dual Duties since Physical offense is common as well. Still, any weapon not featuring any Physical icons will easily beat Haunted Skull Fan head-to-head. An example would be Scroll of Ultranova.

A unique icon assortment, not raw power, is what makes Haunted Skull Fan worthy of consideration for low-budget battlers.

Rated on August 10, 2013

Price/power (4/5): Not bad at all for what it does. Dual duties don't usually come this cheap, though it would be great if it had more defense.

Tactical (4/5): This weapon is actually very interesting. 6 attacking icons isn't usually something to write home about, but all 6 here are air icons. Mono-icon attacks can be used to overwhelm most shields at this level, especially since it's very hard to block more than 3 air icons. However, it's a bit dangerous to use two of these together (your opponent might use 9-iconers that don't deal physical damage). It would be great if it blocked 3 more icons of another type.

Bonus (1/1): We need more dual duties with mono-icon attacks.

Closing remarks: This is a very interesting weapon and is definitely worth a look. Defense is a bit lacking, unfortunately, but you can definitely surprise a few opponents with this.

Rated on December 27, 2012