Knotty Wooden Blade (r88) [Rare]View in Item Database
DescriptionThis might not look very dangerous, but it hurts when you get hit with it. Knotty Wooden Blade


Average Rating [?]
Attack *air**air**air**physical**physical**physical*
Defense N/A
Reflect N/A
Effects N/A
Actual Icons
Restocks At Battle Magic
Used By Back Alley Bruiser
Special Categorization None
Notes None
Ratings - Knotty Wooden Blade
Overview: Could someone please tell me how a wooden blade doesn't deal earth icons? Well even if it had a few extra earth icons, the Blade would still be kinda weak.

The Good: Prior to reviewing it, I honestly hadn't seen this weapon. It's definitely not something that's seen very often, so that's kinda cool.

The Bad: With only 6 icons of damage dealt, the Knotty Wooden Blade loses to most new weapons, and a few old favorites like Scarab Ring. Remember how I said this should have some extra earth icons? Well there's already a weapon like that called the Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer. It's ridiculously cheap, and outshines the Knotty Wooden Blade every day of the week.

The Ugly Truth: Don't get it. I mean, the Blade is definitely uncommon, but maybe it should stay that way.

Rated on September 30, 2014

Price/Power (0/5)
6 icons is not enough. Period.

Countermeasures (0/5)
Easily blocked by several common shields without trying.

Alternatives Upgrades or Downgrades
Get at least a Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer

Other Points

Final Thoughts
This would hurt like a tiny poke. Not exactly worth cowering over.

Rated on April 20, 2014