HerdyBattledome Update From TNT
Posted by Herdy on September 28, 2018, 5:45 am NST
You may remember that during the summer, TNT staff member hardtotame suggested that there were planned updates/fixes coming to the Battledome starting in September. As we approach the end of the month, hardtotame has now posted on the Battledome Neoboard to confirm that the slated updates have been delayed:

I Really Hoped It Wouldn't Come to This - but unfortunately, all I can do is apologize. As much as we all would love to announce the Battledome fixes you have been waiting for, there is much beyond our control, and it has left us with no opportunity to attempt those fixes this month. We will be meeting to see where and how we can schedule some time for the right people to work on it. Until then, I'm afraid, we can only continue to wait.

She also gave some additional insight:

m0nster_rancher, each of our programmers has his/her own areas of expertise, and work is assigned accordingly. Some of the recent fixes worked on by the team include the lottery avatar, updating the creative contest prize pools and the ability to delete PB clothing from closets. As mentioned before, our senior programmer is the one that's been assigned the battledome fixes (the code in there is pretty daunting) and he's been busy working on issues preventing us from fully moving to HTML 5. It has been pretty frustrating just to watch him trying one solution after the other, only to be thrown back to square one as the solutions throw up other problems. He's also been working on issues related to setting up the hybrid app for Neopets.

In fact, just the other day when I asked "Well, what are we going to do about the BD fixes?", he responded with "We'll just have to clone ourselves." So now, our latest project is a human cloning machine... Erm - not. Jokes aside, this conversation was before we decided we'll try once more to see how and where we can fit BD fixes into the schedule, so that's the next step.

This also confirmed that the long awaited update to creative contest prizes is now active, so be on the look out for new prizes if you win those contests going forwards.
DaveHappy 14th Birthday, Jellyneo!
Posted by Dave on August 22, 2018, 8:45 am NST

On this day, 14 years ago, Jellyneo was born! Back on opening day, we had nothing but a few "Viewer" scripts that allowed you to scroll through things like Caption Contest images, userlookup shields, and Neopet poses (which is the only one we still have around!) It took almost a month for us to get a few articles up, which only included simple things like Cheeseroller and Illusen's Glade.

Today, we're a bit bigger! Thousands of users like you and over 200 staff members have helped build up what you now know as Jellyneo, which includes: a complete Item Database, the only destination on the 'net for Neopian history and lore, an app to try on any wearable, the premier guide to the Battledome, a searchable, categorized listing of over 135,000 Neopets images, not to mention a massive repository of guides and articles for any Neopets feature you can probably think of. And all of it is done to help you, our fellow Neopians.

To celebrate 14 great years of making your Neopian life a little easier, we've been working on rolling out something new for a few of our departments:

Goal Counters Service Updates
Here on the main site, we're excited to announce that our Goal Counter service has been revamped! For those who haven't used our service before, Goal Counters allow you to track your progress towards your Neopian goals. You simply create your counter once, insert the code we provide once on your lookup, shop, etc., and then return to Jellyneo to update your progress which automatically updates wherever you placed the code.

I got my counter at Jellyneo.net!I got my counter at Jellyneo.net!

We've re-written the backend from the ground up, which has allowed us to open up the number of counters that you can create from 5 to... as many as you want!

We changed the way that URLs for the generated counter images work so that your username is no longer in the URL, which will give you some added privacy. The old counters will still keep their old URLs, so if you'd like to have a new URL simply delete your counter and re-create it.

It wouldn't be a Goal Counters update without some new counter styles!

Create a Goal Counter »

(You'll need a jnAccount to use our Goal Counters service, so either log in or register today!)

Item Database Updates
First up in the Item Database, is a new Hidden Tower Price Guide. We've put together a list of all the Hidden Tower items currently for sale and their prices, including the various discounts you take advantage of. We also show the Jellyneo market price if we have one on file and highlight whichever one is best so you can make an informed purchase.

In addition, each Hidden Tower item now has a special "Hidden Tower Price" section so you can be sure you're getting the full market picture when looking up individual items:

The price guide can be found in under the "Content" dropdown in our Item Database.

View the Price Guide »

A few other additions we've made recently:
  • Our Classic Neohome previews have finished being updated! All Classic Neohome items now have standard previews.
  • Added automatic notations on all items that will make Kyriis sick (apples).
  • Added automatic notations on all items that will make Skeiths sick (cheese).
  • Added automatic notations on all items that will make Pteris bloated and cured of any disease (worms).
  • Added automatic notations on all items that will make Kaus bloated (milk).

We also added a number of new special categories (or split up existing ones!) over the past few months:
  • Altador Cup Staff Tournament
  • Cheat!
  • Coltzan's Shrine
  • Edna's Spooky Surprise
  • Ghoul Catchers
  • Legends of Altador
  • Lulu on Vacation
  • Lutari Talisman
  • Neohome Superstore
  • Neopies Prizes
  • Qasalan Expellibox
  • Tarla's Tour of Mystery
  • Weltrude's Toy Chest
  • Wheel of Extravagance
  • Wheel of Knowledge
  • Wheel of Misfortune

Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium Updates
Over in our Image Emporium, we've added a few new search enhancements, including:

  • The ability to sort results by URL, width, height, category, and when it was added to the database.
  • Along with the new sorting, you can sort either forwards or backwards!
  • We added a new "Is Animated?" checkbox search option for you to filter by images that are animated.
  • We did some tidying up and now your search pages won't have long, gross URLs—instead it'll just be what you searched for.

The Emporium homepage has also received a little update to show a wider variety of random images!

Book of Ages: SWF Preservation Project
Last but not least, we have some exciting news for our Book of Ages history section. As many of you have heard, Adobe Flash is coming to an end. Web browsers (such as Chrome, Firefox, etc.) have collectively decided to turn off Flash starting late next year. This means that a wide chunk of old Internet content will cease to be easily available. It's a sad time for early Internet content (but a very good time for web security!)

Obviously, a lot of Neopets content was created with Adobe Flash. The Neopets Team is hard at work converting various features across the site to "HTML5" (which is a word Neopians have co-opted to mean "not Flash"), such as the world maps and some of the existing Flash games.

However, not all content will be converted—or will even be worth TNT's time to convert! That's where we've decided to step in and do some archival work. We've been working to streamline a SWF conversion process, and we're finally ready to begin work on preserving old Flash content!

We wanted to start off with something simple, so we took all of the old Flash-based sidebar button advertisements you may remember from the old Neopets layout, and we converted them to a modern movie format!


Our first converted SWF collection is now ready to view, either in grid format or nostalgic sidebar format!

Check Out the Collection »

(Stay tuned in the coming months for even more preserved content, such as old Advent animations, plot movies and comics, animated Neogreetings, Neopet description movies, and more!)

And that's it for our birthday update! Enjoy some cake, and here's to another 14 years of Neopets help!
HerdyExtra Plot Prize + Altador Cup Avatar Changes
Posted by Herdy on June 13, 2018, 5:40 am NST
Plot Prize

Today has seen the release of an extra plot prize, the Potion of Healing. This is an extra prize for those who donated additional potions beyond the achievement requirements during the plot. It appears to be a once per battle healer, however it is not currently subject to the Equip One rule that normally applies to healers. It is unclear if this is a glitch or deliberate.

Additionally, there is a glitch with how it is awarded. Hardtotame has been on the Neoboards with an update:

Players who received the Potion of Healing will find two in their inventory. Do not move either item from your inventory until further notice. You can not sell, auction or trade the potions, nor move them to your SDB until this is resolved.

We have sent out a NeoMail with the same instructions. If you have moved it to your SDB/equipped your pet with it, move it back to your inventory and leave it there. If a random event takes it away, you can send in a bug report to get it added back to your account.

We're currently collecting information on exactly how many times you needed to donate in order to qualify for the potion. If you got one, let us know how many potions you donated across the event.

Altador Cup Avatar Changes

Additionally, hardtotame made another announcement about changes to the new team avatars for the Altador Cup. Initially, they were to be removed when the Cup ended, but this has now changed!

Have you read the updated FAQs? You can keep your team avatars after the tournament ends. Next year, if you decide to join a different team, the new avatar will replace the one from this year.

I hope you're enjoying the Altador Cup!

(I have no time to stick around and chat today. We'll talk next time I'm here! Hopefully.)

Additionally, she posted that the animation of the Altador and Faerieland avatars would be fixed so that they looped correctly.
HerdyMessages from TNT
Posted by Herdy on May 25, 2018, 5:24 am NST
The staff member that posted many updates on the neoboards last week, hardtotame, has been back at it early this morning with more updates on multiple boards.

Battledome Updates
First, on the Battledome board, she has given an update on the progress of BD fixes:

A lot of you have been asking for updates about the Battledome fixes, and for an update on DoN.

DoN - This is easy to answer. We want to fix the Battledome first.

Battledome fixes - *sigh* Okay, so here's what's happening. We took a look at the results of the survey, and we made a list of things that we need to focus on. Our senior-most programmer is the one that's working on it. He's also the one that gets called in every time there's something 'big' that needs to be done. With the current situation we're in (having to optimize the entire website for mobile, looking for solutions to features that currently work on Flash, etc), that's fairly often. Which means, he has to put the fixes on hold and help us with solutions to these other issues, that come with grave consequences if they're ignored. So, he's on one such break right now, and he will return to the Battledome once he's done with his current task. For these reasons, it's very difficult to give you a timeline that we can be sure we'll stick to, but we can tell you that you ARE on our list of priorities, and we're working on it (just not at the moment, unfortunately).

Wraith Resurgence Prizes
Over on the Site Events board, she gave additional updates about the plot:

We haven't finished running the script for this, so if you haven't received your trophies or prizes yet, don't worry - it's coming!

I see a lot of concerns about some of the tiers and prizes (the ones that stand out to us are the users who missed the top tier by the 'Stickler for Time' achievement, and the users who donated a large number of potions in hope of a better prize).

We need some time, but we will be looking into these concerns and seeing what we can do about them. You can expect to hear from me again in a week's time about this (if they haven't been addressed already by then).

She later stated that there may be scope to changing the plot prize requirements to exclude those who missed the Stickler For Time (Fiendish Formations on day of release) achievement:

RE: Time-specific achievements affecting trophy tiers
We're sorry that you had to miss out on certain parts of the plot, but apart from 'Stickler for Time', we will not be reconsidering the tiers for this plot. Good point about the prize shop vs. prize tiers systems - awarding plot points takes a lot more planning and effort, and we did not feel ready for it with TWR.

And posted that those who suffered glitches with plot steps may have their issues looked into:

If you got a response to it just hours ago, it will be looked into. I see another user that has reported the same bug in the bug report we got today. Again, this will take a while as we're still just awarding trophies right now, but it will be looked into.

She also made a general board asking for opinions on whether some of the plot weapons that were given out should have their icons reduced:

I have read a few arguments for and against nerfing plot weapons.

In the past, I have advocated for certain things because a few people were vocal about it on the boards, only to realize after it was implemented that there was another side to the argument that we hadn't considered, that you brought up after it was too late to change. I don't want to make that mistake again, so please voice your opinion here so that we can consider both sides of the argument before making a decision.

Item Fixes
And finally, she gave updates on item fixes (of which many have already been fixed!):

RE: Item fixes in general
I understand you want us to focus more on fixing things that are broken. Accordingly, we're making this a priority, and we plan to give you weekly updates about what we've fixed that week. We're thinking of doing this in the editorial. What do you say?
SirCabbageEver wanted to play a real game of hot potato? New Battledome Item!
Posted by SirCabbage on May 15, 2018, 12:26 am NST
Another couple of weapons have been released in the"Daily Dare". Well, I mean. They sort of have. Early reports suggest that both today's item and the item for spellseeker do- nothing.

Clearly TJST was sick of us all complaining about the balance-breaking weapons they have been releasing of late because it looks like the new in "thing" is releasing items that don't work!

After the first item released and didn't do anything I held back on posting about it, hoping that TJST would promptly fix it. But now with two items broken it is time to start hoping that this is not the start of a new pattern.

Realistically as it stands the only value in either of these weapons is that thanks to the Spellseeker Vial of Power's 1million np estimated value 5 of them may be used to help you obtain the "I Taunt the Pant Devil" avatar- something which I know is likely of top importance to battlers... Though it should be said the lavaball's estimated value of zero seems more on-point.

Edit: The lavaball has since been fixed, no word on the vial.
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