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The guide below pertains to the original Battledome, and is now considered to be an "archive".

If you've taken a proud look at your Neopets lately, you might have noticed that there are several stats on display underneath their height and weight measurements. Level, Strength, Defence, Agility, Hit Points. These stats show up all over the site-- on default pet homepages, on pets' lookups, and even in the panel on the left of every page that shows your Neopet. But what do they actually mean, and what is your Neopet supposed to do with them? The answer to that is one very old, but still popular game that's been at the heart of the site since Year Two... the Neopets Battledome.

Ruki attacking Chia

It's well-known that Neopets have an affinity for magic and technology, and are often very competitive. The Battledome is an arena where your pets can show off their physical strength, magical ability, and stamina by taking part in play-fights with friends from all over the world. While many people train very seriously to improve their pets' skills, these fights are all in good fun and no pet will ever be permanently injured by taking part.

Every pet is capable of fighting in the Battledome, even species such as the Lenny which are traditionally better known for intellectual achievements. For many players, Battledome fights are a fun and important part of the Neopets experience; there are "Battledomers" all over Neopia, from the casual attackers just in it for the free secret avatars, to the skilled and dedicated strategists who make Battledoming the focus of their time on Neopets. However, as with any activity on the site, there's no obligation to take part if you don't want to. Training for the BD can take a lot of time and Neopoints if you're planning on being serious about it, so don't feel like you have to rush into it as a relative novice. The BD has been around for more than a decade and isn't likely to go away any time soon!

Let's Hit The Shops!

To fight in the Battledome, the main thing you'll need (aside from a Neopet for each player, of course) is a weapon. There are thousands of different weapons out there, but only a few are actually worth their asking price. Some are used for attacking the opponent, some for defending your pet, and some for special effects such as healing; many do more than one of these. Which of them you should focus on depends on the individual battle you're getting into, but you'll need to have at least one weapon that can do some damage, or your pet will just sit there!

One of the most popular weapons on a new Battledomer's budget is the Scarab Ring. This shiny little gizmo is frequently given out as a scratchcard prize, so it's pretty cheap to buy, and attacks and defends at the same time when used. If you're worried about defence, though, you could also bring a Leaf Shield, which blocks three different types of damage and isn't expensive at all. Since your pet can use two weapons per turn, you can always attack with one hand/paw/fin and defend with the other. Another popular combination for newcomers is one Scarab Ring and one Rainbow Scroll.

Scarab RingLeaf ShieldRainbow Scroll

If you don't think you can take out your opponent in a couple of rounds (and mostly this won't be possible), you may also want to think about healing. You can't use the Healing Springs, or items such as the numbered Healing Potions, while battling, so you'll need to think about other ways of recovering health. There are lots of healing items, but many of them only work on one species of Neopet. (As a rule, if a weapon has the name of a species in its title, it's likely to be exclusive to that species. The same applies to clothing.) If none of the species-specific items match your Neopet, you might have some luck with a Lesser Healing Scroll (there's also a Greater Healing Scroll, but it's considerably more expensive).

Sometimes, you'll see items in the Battledome that have more unusual effects. One well-known trick is stealing one of your opponent's weapons so it can't be used (and might even give you some help). Since all items are returned to their rightful owners at the end of the battle, this should really be called "borrowing" an item, but it might be helpful if one of your opponent's weapons is driving you up the wall. A fairly inexpensive item you can use for this purpose is the Purple Sticky Hand.

Many players are also attracted to the idea of freezing the opponent, leaving him or her unable to attack for a turn. Unfortunately, when it comes to weapons with a freezing effect, you tend to get what you pay for. The Snowglobe Staff is among the cheaper options, but only has a one in five chance of working! The slightly more expensive Scroll of Freezing is more accurate, but has a chance of disappearing permanently, leaving you out of pocket. For a freezing item with a high hit rate and no chance of getting broken, you'll need to start saving your Neopoints.

Most weapons will stay with your pet through however many battles you choose to fight. Some, though, are breakable (like the Scroll of Freezing mentioned above) and have a chance of being permanently used up. Still others are deliberately designed to be explosive, and can only be used once before they disappear. Be sure to check an item's description to see if a weapon is one-use! That's not to say that you should avoid one-use items altogether; for obvious reasons, they tend to be cheaper than longer-lasting weapons that have the same effects. If you're facing a more powerful opponent than usual, you could stock up on Battle Muffins to give him or her a short, sharp shock. Some of the more useful ones are shown below-- click to view each one!

Golden Muffin Fire Muffin Darigan Muffin Brain Muffin
Icy Muffin Radioactive Muffin Robot Muffin Shooting Star Muffin
Smelly Dung Muffin Stone Muffin Water Muffin

Getting Ready

Once you've bought your weapons of choice, go to your inventory and click each one. Select "Equip (Pet's Name)" from the dropdown menu. You can give your pet up to eight weapons to hold at a time-- that includes potions and shields as well as attack items. Be sure to do this before you enter a fight, as owners aren't allowed on the field in mid-battle to hand weapons to their pets!

You can challenge another player's Neopet to a fight by clicking the "Challenge (Pet's Name) in the Battledome!" button on his or her lookup. Note that some owners, particularly those whose pets get a lot of attention, block people from challenging their pets-- challenges are less fun when you're getting fifty per day. If you see the message that a pet's owner is not accepting challenges, just find another opponent (asking in advance whether he or she would like to fight is good etiquette).

Challenge Rackatackata in the Battledome!

If the pet's owner accepts your challenge, you can go straight to the Challengers page to review the details and then head into battle. (If you get any strange messages about nonexistent pets, keep refreshing the page.) The fight is officially on!

If you can't find any friends who want to fight, or you'd rather get some practice in first, you also have the option of fighting with a range of famous characters from around Neopia. These 1-Player Challengers are controlled by the computer, and are available 24 hours a day here just select your pet and opponent. Be warned, some of them are very strong and won't go easy on newbie Battledomers!

Black PteriRed Pteri
Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!

Let Battle Commence!

When you enter the Battledome, you will see your pet on the left of the screen and your opponent's pet on the right. Each pet's Hit Points will be displayed beneath him or her. As the fight progresses, you may see special effects and animations moving between the two pets. Your weapons are displayed at the bottom of the screen; under most circumstances, you cannot see your opponent's weapons (except, of course, when they are being used on you).

Fighting the Black Pteri

Battledome fights are counted in rounds. Before each round, you have as much time as you need to choose up to two weapons for your pet to use, and how cautiously or recklessly s/he will attack the opponent. As a rule, more careful and defensive attacks will do less damage to your opponent's pet, but also leave you better protected from taking damage yourself. The opposite is true of more reckless and powerful attacks.

Your attack and your opponent's attack will take place at exactly the same time. Weapons can do "normal" damage, represented by a little icon of a sword, or any of six different types of elemental damage (based on Neopia's six magical elements), and some will also block your opponent's damage to some extent. If your pet is hit by any of the damage types, he or she will lose Hit Points.

When one or both of the fighters reach zero HP, the battle is over. If one pet still has some HP remaining, he or she is declared the winner; if both pets run out of HP at the same time, the battle is a draw. The winner will immediately be restored to full health, while the loser will need to be healed manually. If you wish to withdraw from the battle prematurely go to the Challengers page and withdraw. However doing so will count as a loss.

Worn Out AcaraSmug Ixi
Remind your pet not to be TOO smug about all this...

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

So is it all a matter of good weapons and luck which pet wins the battle? Not necessarily. This is where those stats we mentioned come into play.

The other two stats, Agility and Intelligence, do not make a difference when fighting, though they are sometimes used to determine whether your pet can use a few rare weapons.

Techo Practising Martial ArtsHow do you raise your pet's stats if he or she is looking a bit weedy? There are two places in Neopia where your pet can be directly trained in the martial arts. The Mystery Island Training School is themed around finesse, inner balance and self-control, while its Krawk Island equivalent is more familiar with boisterous brawling and ruthless attack, but both do an equally good job of improving whichever stat you choose. You will need special items to pay for the courses there-- codestones in the case of Mystery Island, and dubloons for Krawk Island.

Stats can also be raised by the Secret Lab. While the lab is very expensive to acquire, in the (very) long term this can work out cheaper than conventional training. However, there's no way of choosing which stats you get, and they can be lowered just as easily-- and even if you're lucky and get nothing but boosts, you'll most likely end up with a dramatically unbalanced set of stats, and need to put money into training anyway to bring your Level and Defence back into line with your pet's massive amount of Hit Points. Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware)!

You can also visit Coltzan's Shrine every day. The departed desert ruler sometimes helps Neopets become a little stronger. However, it's completely random, so be prepared to be presented with a nicely toasted bug on a stick instead...

An overview of all of these methods of training and more can be found Here, while a list of stat increasing items can be found Here.

Dead Grackle Bug

I'll Put A Spell On You

Weapons and training aren't the only things you can purchase to give your pet a boost in the Battledome. How about teaching your pet a few magical skills as well?

Bottled Faeries are smaller, less powerful versions of the Faeries that rule over the magical elements of Neopia. Unfortunately, they're stuck inside glass bottles, with corks too heavy for them to push out. How uncomfortable!

If your pet releases a Faerie from her bottle, she will be very grateful, and will provide you with a blessing. Many of these spells (called Faerie Abilities) and more information can be found here .

Xandra Casting

When choosing abilities you may only have one active from each level at once. Jellyneo has its own handy guide where you can see the best abilities for each level tier.


Many rewards await those willing to test their skill in the battledome, sadly this means you can only currently battle on your main account. To see an in-depth guide of all prizes you can earn check out here.

This is not all the battledome has to offer, however. Not only can you win Neopoints and items, but you can gain bragging rights with a whole range of shiny avatars and trophies...

Battledome Rewards
Reward Information
Punchbag Bob This charming stuffed doll trophy is a reward for beating Punchbag Bob. He can't hurt your Neopet, but he takes a LONG time to defeat!
Battle Faerie Avatar This avatar, featuring the faerie Aethia, is randomly awarded after a one-player Battledome win.
Black Pteri Avatar Ghost Lupe Avatar
Kasuki Lu - Heeyah! Avatar Meuka - Snotty Avatar
Space Faerie Avatar
These avatars can all be obtained by beating 1-Player Challengers. Be warned, some of them are very difficult to defeat!
Jetsam - Wanna Fight? Avatar Hello, little Lupe... BOOOM! Avatar
Shoyru - Tough Avatar Tonu - Charge! Avatar
These avatars can be gained by taking specific species and colours of Neopets into battle.
Defenders of Neopia - Aisha Avatar
Defenders of Neopia Trophy
You can get a range of snazzy trophies for your lookup (and a couple of avatars, too) by helping out the Defenders of Neopia, who will send you to battle certain 1-Player Challengers. Enjoy the experience of helping out Neopia's vulnerable citizens in need (as well as the amusingly outdated comic artwork in places).

Of course, there's one other benefit to Battledome training that doesn't come up as often, but which nobody would say isn't important. From time to time, Neopia's safety will be threatened by some character or creature we've never seen before, as part of the big worldwide events known as plots. When this happens, the normal 1-Player Characters flee in terror and can't be fought (although you can still battle with your friends if you want to). The monsters and evildoers from the plot infest the Battledome, and the only thing standing between them and Neopian domination is... YOU. Yes, you. Ordinary Neopians with Battledome-trained pets can step up and put all that training to good use knocking out these special opponents. If enough of them are defeated, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you played a part in protecting Neopia. Oh, and there might be some prizes up for grabs when it's all over...

Thwacked Darigan
And I would've got away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling Neopians!

Battledome Myths

Hopefully this article has cleared up some of the mysteries behind the Battledome for you. Unfortunately, confusion about stats, weapons and their purpose is fairly common, and over time a few myths and rumours have popped up around the site that are simply not true. If you see anyone repeating one of these myths as fact, please set them straight (if you aren't on Neopets, you could even link them here for the real story!)

What Battledome Stats Don't Affect

Elephante Nurse
We hope to see you again!

What Won't Happen In The Battledome

See you in the Battledome!

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