macostenAnnouncing iDB's L54 Homepage!
Posted by macosten on February 4, 2019, 1:51 pm NST
After five years, I'm pleased to announce that we have updated our events section and have created a brand-new League 54 Homepage, which is now live! If you've ever wondered about 2-Player battling and weren’t sure where to start, you're in luck: League 54 is not only popular, but it's rather easy to train for and it isn’t very expensive to get started with. Our homepage has the rules, some frequently asked questions, and a list of some of the weapons you might encounter, and it will be updated with more information and content in the near future.

In particular, I'd keep my eyes out for an event announcement within the next week or so…

Don't mind me, just dusting off some old cobwebs...
cloonshannagh, 02/4/2019, 3:15 pm NST
Yeah!! for giving "little" pets a place and guidance to play in the Battledome.

1jediboy, 02/4/2019, 4:05 pm NST
Big___shot: WHOOOOO!!!!
1jediboy: Oh, no you don't! What have I told you about battling with strangers?
Big___shot: But-
1jediboy: NAH-AH-AH. No exceptions! Those are people you don't know. We don't fight strangers... Understand?
Big___shot: D:> >~< -_- ...Fine.

cloonshannagh, 02/4/2019, 5:11 pm NST
My kiddies may not be overjoyed to know that they are not the only ones constrained by that *lol* "unreasonable" "unfair" etc rule. A couple are sulking right now. But, I will not be moved. And Marina agrees with us.

calypsomatic, 02/4/2019, 5:42 pm NST
wooh L54 getting some love on jellyneo's homepage

jessalynn, 02/5/2019, 6:57 am NST
Awesome job, Mac!

sketch, 02/6/2019, 4:51 pm NST
New pole on a new aisha pose!!

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