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HerdyBattledome Update From TNT
Posted by Herdy on September 28, 2018, 5:45 am NST
You may remember that during the summer, TNT staff member hardtotame suggested that there were planned updates/fixes coming to the Battledome starting in September. As we approach the end of the month, hardtotame has now posted on the Battledome Neoboard to confirm that the slated updates have been delayed:

I Really Hoped It Wouldn't Come to This - but unfortunately, all I can do is apologize. As much as we all would love to announce the Battledome fixes you have been waiting for, there is much beyond our control, and it has left us with no opportunity to attempt those fixes this month. We will be meeting to see where and how we can schedule some time for the right people to work on it. Until then, I'm afraid, we can only continue to wait.

She also gave some additional insight:

m0nster_rancher, each of our programmers has his/her own areas of expertise, and work is assigned accordingly. Some of the recent fixes worked on by the team include the lottery avatar, updating the creative contest prize pools and the ability to delete PB clothing from closets. As mentioned before, our senior programmer is the one that's been assigned the battledome fixes (the code in there is pretty daunting) and he's been busy working on issues preventing us from fully moving to HTML 5. It has been pretty frustrating just to watch him trying one solution after the other, only to be thrown back to square one as the solutions throw up other problems. He's also been working on issues related to setting up the hybrid app for Neopets.

In fact, just the other day when I asked "Well, what are we going to do about the BD fixes?", he responded with "We'll just have to clone ourselves." So now, our latest project is a human cloning machine... Erm - not. Jokes aside, this conversation was before we decided we'll try once more to see how and where we can fit BD fixes into the schedule, so that's the next step.

This also confirmed that the long awaited update to creative contest prizes is now active, so be on the look out for new prizes if you win those contests going forwards.