DaveBattledome Updates in the Future
Posted by Dave on June 28, 2018, 11:20 am NST

hardtotame is on the boards again today, this time sharing an update on how they will be approaching Battledome fixes:

We liked your suggestion to start with a few simpler fixes that take less time, so that you have visible improvements in the BD sooner rather than later. We're moving ahead with this plan. Again, I don't have a timeline, but know that this decision will speed up the overall process. However, you may not see some of the bigger fixes until much later.

No other news yet, but hopefully we'll see some fixes and additions to the Battledome, which was revamped all the way back in 2012 but hasn't been touched since.

Hardtotame later clarified her position on the Neopets Team slightly:

I am not a programmer and I never claimed to be one. Just thought I should let you know. You can thank me for communicating (my pleasure) and for getting your messages across to the right people on the team (any time, folks!) but don't thank me for fixing things. I rarely fix anything on this site (some of the item fixes I have done, but nothing beyond that) and you should be grateful for that!