HerdyLeaked Plot Step
Posted by Herdy on January 31, 2018, 1:01 pm NST
UPDATE 1/2: The plot steps are back, and this time Malum is in the Battledome. Follow the link from the Headquarters page to find him at the Gypsy Camp, then battle him for achievements (he is difficulty 442 on hard mode). He is also dropping a new coffer NC item.


Between all the lag, earlier today a new plot step was briefly available. It is now removed and not currently available.

New dialogue was added to the Headquarters page regarding Malum - along with a link to find him at the Gypsy Camp. Going there appeared to award the Blazing Embers battledome item and an event showing Malum unlocked in the battledome.

However, Malum was never actually available at the Battledome. Two new achievements were added (which are still up) for beating Malum, and beating him on Hard (Mighty) mode.

The dialogue remains up, viewable via the 'Story So Far' page, but is no longer live on the Headquarters page.

We'll keep you updated if this step is readded in the near future.
ducky - JN Staff, 01/31/2018, 1:03 pm NST

psychopath, 01/31/2018, 1:07 pm NST
I'll miss one achievement for sure. There's no way hard is going to be feasible for my BD pet. She's not even 400 HSD.

zixianna, 01/31/2018, 1:08 pm NST
Blazing Embers - 1-6 Physical, 5 Fire, 6 Earth, 5 Light. This was vs Punchbag Bob and Hulking Wraith. Dang, a FREE 17-22 icon weapon? Woah.

herdy - JN Staff, 01/31/2018, 1:11 pm NST
If it follows the pattern it should do more against Malum as well - unless they accidentally swapped it the other way again.

maxgarou, 01/31/2018, 1:12 pm NST
So, that's it for me. I don't think I can beat him on hard mode.

herdy - JN Staff, 01/31/2018, 1:21 pm NST
Anyone that can get a level 50 pet on their account will be able to beat him regardless of difficulty.

mavegibson, 01/31/2018, 1:43 pm NST
What were his stats? What will be the minimum pet required to beat him on hardmode?

cat, 01/31/2018, 2:07 pm NST
That probably depends on whether you have a reliable freezer and healer. But I'm glad they've finally got an achievement that's just for BD trained pets.

dolamant, 01/31/2018, 2:10 pm NST
WHOA! That weapon look like it will make it worth the 6 hours it took me to unlock that last *demonic* chest!

herdy - JN Staff, 01/31/2018, 2:25 pm NST
@mavegibson: He was never in the battledome, so his stats are unknown currently.

pikachu315111, 01/31/2018, 2:29 pm NST
@ herdy:
I'm going to guess it goes the sword's icons were switched and it does less damage to Malum. Like with all the other weapons expect this to be nerfed.

kumar, 01/31/2018, 2:39 pm NST
I reeeeeeeally hope Malum is actually difficult. I'm not holding my breath based on the challengers so far, though.

mavegibson, 01/31/2018, 3:15 pm NST
Ah, thanks Herdy.

The lag is unbearable. So difficult to get anything done on the site today. I wonder what's up with that.

daisybell, 01/31/2018, 3:27 pm NST
My BD pet just hit the 200 str boost yesterday, so hopefully with the plot weapon and my 100% freezer and 50% healer I can do it. Otherwise I'm going to be investing in Lucky Robot's Feet and Thick Smoke Bombs.

pikachu315111, 01/31/2018, 3:45 pm NST
@ daisybell:
Jade Elixir is cheaper one-use full healer.

jessalynn, 01/31/2018, 6:27 pm NST
What is causing this annoying lag????

1jediboy, 01/31/2018, 6:45 pm NST
Hmm... Maybe the lag has something to do with the new location's "broadband wires."

burntcookies, 01/31/2018, 8:05 pm NST
Can't do anything still.

sky15919, 01/31/2018, 9:09 pm NST
During the lag within last 24 hrs, I was able to finish my dailies, but slowly; BD was a fail though; I completed 5 nc trades, stayed on my board throughout the day and I even redeemed 2 nc cards successfully. I'm still having much patience here like I'm okay with it as I'm expecting some huge updates, hopefully lol. Anyways I love this site no matter what xD

1jediboy, 01/31/2018, 9:55 pm NST
Best thing about the lag though:

Since there's no one else who has the patience to put up with it, there are no lines at the Money Tree! (free Skull Bow!)

1jediboy, 01/31/2018, 9:57 pm NST
*hits the "like" button on sky15919's comment*

biediep, 01/31/2018, 10:08 pm NST
The lag is still here?! It's been over 24 hours! There BETTER be some major updates, yes xD

sky15919, 01/31/2018, 10:15 pm NST
Sigh... don't let me down tnt! *facepalm*

mistyraider, 02/1/2018, 3:05 am NST
One good thing about the slowness of the plot, takes so much time to release each step, they might be able to sort out the lag first . . . o'course there is NOTHING good about the lag (I don't have the patience of 1jediboy)!

vaporesque, 02/1/2018, 3:52 am NST
Phfffft! patience + lag = STILL out-swiped RS

Will Blazing Embers get nerfed?

jessalynn, 02/1/2018, 6:56 am NST
Is TNT even aware of the problem?

sophie_wolf, 02/1/2018, 7:07 am NST
The next step of TWR is live!
Go to the event page and go after Malum!

dillpickles, 02/1/2018, 7:30 am NST
Apparently it's possible to take him down on hard with only the weapons given out in the plot.

...what's the point in having a real set?

mistyraider, 02/1/2018, 7:30 am NST
If only the Battledome would load. . .

dillpickles, 02/1/2018, 7:32 am NST
Also, I ended up with a duplicate of the Blazing Embers (since I got one yesterday during the brief time it was up). Do I just discard it?

dolchay, 02/1/2018, 7:41 am NST
is a 533 hsd pet going to be good enough to defeat him on hard even? or should i try to find a friend that can let me borrow their high bd pet lol

dillpickles, 02/1/2018, 7:45 am NST
@dolchay: He only has 442 HPs on hard. I think you'll probably be OK.

dillpickles, 02/1/2018, 7:48 am NST
Also, the prizes are currently buggy. I never clicked on the achievements, but it claims I've been awarded both...and never got them. Others have reported them showing up in their inventory and then vanishing. Buggy buggy buggy...

mistyraider, 02/1/2018, 8:08 am NST
Can a 163 hps pet beat Malum on hard? Certainly not using only the weapons given out in the plot.
Maybe it's time to become a "real bd'r."

salina_sweet, 02/1/2018, 8:35 am NST
I can't do a thing with this lag....half the time the page won't even load.

jessalynn, 02/1/2018, 8:42 am NST
I've noticed this today... Has anyone else gotten random items in their inventory?

jessalynn, 02/1/2018, 8:45 am NST

jessalynn, 02/1/2018, 9:06 am NST
Never mind. Scrappy came to the board talking about "what if the site closes down suddenly" and said this:

"This is a silly board. None of that will happen anytime soon!

Also, the team releasing items (NC or NP) are not the team that will be able to fix this lag so I'm not sure if it's really an "instead of" kinda thing.

This lag will be fixed soon!!


Thank goodness! Now I'm wondering if she knows the source of the lag...

jessalynn, 02/1/2018, 9:12 am NST
Ooh! There's even an update on the TNT Boards about the lag!

elphapa_the_wicked, 02/1/2018, 9:13 am NST
So...how exactly does she know his name is Malum? No one ever spoke it or mentioned it. Unless she knows him prior, no way she should know that. At least, it doesn't show up in the dialogue...

nomorestars, 02/1/2018, 9:25 am NST
of course he drops a new coffer item, because why wouldn't he

zixianna, 02/1/2018, 9:58 am NST
Vs. Malum, Blazing Embers:
13x Fire consistently, yup, probably backwards like the other items
'Wait! You've got the wrong guy...'

purplebin, 02/1/2018, 10:04 am NST
Is there only one coffer this time?

1jediboy, 02/1/2018, 10:19 am NST

I might've been right! I said "Wraithland" would be near or in the Haunted Woods!

dolchay, 02/1/2018, 10:20 am NST
I think so, I battled him a few times and only got 1

cloonshannagh, 02/1/2018, 10:30 am NST
I do not believe that Malum is the real Boss. If BBB can toss him with one blow, Fyora would plant him with a glance.

And yeah, got just one coffer and achievement without items.

TNT will fix it! *paws and hooves crossed*

dolchay, 02/1/2018, 10:37 am NST
Thats what im trying to figure out

I have a friend thats willing to lend me her high bd pet and its pretty costly

Im trying to figure out if i should hold off and wait incase he isnt the last boss cause what happens if i borrow my friends pet now to defeat malum on hard, send back but then we get another opponent with same acheiv etc? its going to get expensive

mavegibson, 02/1/2018, 10:44 am NST
Yay! Was able to defeat him on hardmode on my first try. He's not such a tough opponent. I'm relieved because I'm a completionist and not having an achievement completed would have made me twitch...

krissa, 02/1/2018, 1:44 pm NST
I tried 3 times already and there is no way I can beat him on hard mode

psychopath, 02/1/2018, 1:53 pm NST
Tiger does only 72 damage at a time. Her strength is 129. Literally impossible to beat.

1jediboy, 02/1/2018, 2:12 pm NST
I just saw some comics from The Return of Sloth plot page and got sad... Look at that high quality art! Why were there no comics for THIS plot?! I don't want to sound ungrateful!

1jediboy, 02/1/2018, 2:13 pm NST
They SHOULD let users draw the plot comics!!!

mamsmelk_jr, 02/1/2018, 4:01 pm NST
Well, I knew we were going to get an enemy I would not be able to beat. I beat him on easy but I'm not going to manage to beat him on hard
Well, at least I did all the other achievements, all that training did pay off.

zixianna, 02/1/2018, 4:28 pm NST
-Well, at least I did all the other achievements, all that training did pay off.-

Keep training! I was slightly under-prepared for the past 2 battle plots (and now I'm way OVER prepared for this one....) Nothing motivates to train for the next battles more than ALMOST being prepared for the last one

maxgarou, 02/1/2018, 4:36 pm NST
What's the prize for defeating him on hard mode?

mavegibson, 02/1/2018, 4:41 pm NST
The prize is a rather ugly evil coconut. Nothing to write home about.

mistyraider, 02/1/2018, 4:44 pm NST
@mave, thanks for the info. Makes me feel a bit better about not being able to defeat Malum on hard. btw, your BD pet is very cool, I like his customization!

zixianna, 02/1/2018, 4:53 pm NST
Evil Evil Coconut, goes on the Coconuts II album page, so start SSWing for one now

demento_recraves, 02/1/2018, 10:11 pm NST
So I've beaten Malum on hard, I can see both of the related achievements, but didn't get the items. Anyone else have this happen?

inkpot, 02/1/2018, 11:08 pm NST
@demento: same problem! the rewards show on the achievement page as if i had already claimed them but i didn't and their not in my inventory. :C not sure if i should submit a ticket...

itaxerxes, 02/2/2018, 2:48 am NST
I have the same problem. I did beat him lots of times on hard, can see my prizes but never got them . I don't care if the coconut is ugly, I need it for my stamp album. I just hope they don't mess this up as they did with the avatar for the faerie festival which I also didn't get despite visiting the HQ every day

lia_19_85, 02/2/2018, 3:19 am NST
Same problem! There wasn't even a "gift box" to begin with. I straight up saw the images of the prizes, clicked on them regardless, got the text that they are in my inventory, but they are not.

dolamant, 02/2/2018, 7:02 am NST
Hanso's Charisma Charm is not blocking the Dark Icons of the Sword of Malum! Now that is just plain EVIL!!! He hit my BD pet with 269 points damage from one hit! *sniffle*

dolamant, 02/2/2018, 7:03 am NST
Luckily that was on Hard Mode, easy mode, he was a pushover!!

zixianna, 02/2/2018, 8:36 am NST
The achievement was odd for me when I got them. I GOT the Evil Evil Coconut, but it showed I'd gotten the Bobblehead. After a few attempts at clicking on the broken image of the Coconut box (laggy time), I got the Bobblehead....

Odd that there were different types of problems on this one!

dillpickles, 02/2/2018, 11:23 am NST
They've fixed the achievements collecting issue. I'm happily now in possession of my bobblehead and coconut.
I'm guessing if you got reset and can collect a second time, you should discard your second ones.

garfieldo, 02/2/2018, 12:36 pm NST
Okay, I -think- it should be possible for nearly anyone to defeat Malum on hard with the combination of Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield and Fire-Spitting Energy Shield; combining the two blocks all of his possible iconage except potentially 1 air from his Fan of Swords, and FSES does 5 fire icons and you can still use An Icicle.

So, would anyone be willing to lend me an HNMS? I can offer a Bag of Lenny Healing Seeds, Heavy Blue Tunic, Fire Faerie Token and 1.5m NP as collateral.

garfieldo, 02/2/2018, 12:41 pm NST
Wait, I forgot about his WODF, heck. I guess you could add a full dark blocker to that and hope

mavegibson, 02/2/2018, 12:41 pm NST
@mistyraider Thanks!

smartman294, 02/2/2018, 2:28 pm NST
I want his awesome sword

mavegibson, 02/2/2018, 3:03 pm NST
The sword he uses in battle is available in the lime coffer. https://items.jellyneo.net/item/64430/

maxgarou, 02/2/2018, 6:02 pm NST
It's Malum's sword the only item we can get from the lime coffer? It it is, I thing buying the key might be worth it

px, 02/3/2018, 6:09 am NST
does anyone know if there will be any more potion making? and is it wise to fight malum (on easy lol) as much as possible, or won't that matter when it comes to your plot points at the end?

sketch, 02/3/2018, 8:06 am NST
I think the sword in the coffer is just clothes, not an actual weapon

smartman294, 02/4/2018, 2:43 am NST
I think we might get 1 final infirmary with the last 3 potions to get that final achievement and like a few wrap up steps

purplebin, 02/4/2018, 1:32 pm NST
There is one more coffer that should be coming up, too, so that means we should get another wraith or opponent to fight.

purplebin, 02/4/2018, 1:34 pm NST
Unless later on Malum will start dropping the Mysterious Orange Coffer.

1jediboy, 02/4/2018, 10:40 pm NST
OMG! the Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield is in the hidden tower... which is locked! TNT probably KNEW we would look for that shield. Now the price at the trade will rise... EXTORTION!!!

mudy, 02/5/2018, 6:15 am NST
Final step should likely be Infirmary with Malum to heal him to normal?
I'm kind of hoping for a bigger enemy, he was quite easy imo... I miss one of those group-battles with everyone taking a little bit of HP down. It would feel like a great final step.

rakkase, 02/8/2018, 11:40 am NST
Is malum no longer availible?, I don't see any link at gypsy camp

rakkase, 02/8/2018, 11:40 am NST
Is malum no longer availible?, I don't see any link at gypsy camp

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