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SirCabbageInteresting new statement from the Editorial!
Posted by SirCabbage on January 27, 2018, 2:51 am NST
There was a very interesting new statement I though that I should underline from the editorial this week in response to a user asking what they are working on. Scrappy's response was very relevant to us at Battlepedia.

So, I'm glad that you brought this up! We were going over Battledome in particular and looking at certain possibilities to add/fix when we decided, why not just get your opinions on it??
To do this, sometime early next we are going to release some sort of a survey so you guys can vote on your top priorities and we can move froward from there! We want to get you guys more involved and this seems like a good way to do it!!

While I would not dream of telling you what to say to Jumpstart during this survey... I will tell you what I would like to say. First and foremost the main priority in my view should be reintroduction of HP increase. HP increase is the main reason why plots/prize shops worked, it is the main driver behind guild, fansite and user 1P tournaments. Yes, bugfixes such as the repair of stealing items should be high up too... But without HP increase there is very little motivation for users to compare their highscores with others.

How about you guys? What would you like to see TJST focus on? New status effects (D.O.T, Sleep, Cripple, Armour Break etc)? New opponents? What do you think would happen if they decided to, say, add a new icon type? Are you the sort of person who just wants them to fix the glitches and nothing else?

In other battledome news- the plot continues, this time with another free battledome weapon. This one is... interesting to say the least.

When versing the plot opponent it clearly takes on the stats of another more powerful weapon. In some ways this is a good idea, it helps players without a good set keep up with the opponents more- on the other hand a lot of these weapons have almost been TOO good. I also find it strange that this weapon is actively tradeable...
yooo_danhel, 01/27/2018, 4:17 am NST
Now that i finally have a decent BD starter id like to see DoN make a comeback

fsunka, 01/27/2018, 9:48 am NST
While the hp increase would be good in the point you made, it would be impossible to get prizes daily, so there's both sides to this, maybe only plot enemies would do it?

jessalynn, 01/27/2018, 5:10 pm NST
Call me crazy, but I would like to see the use of agility in the Battledome. I know it's dumb, but I'm very curious!

pikachu315111, 01/27/2018, 9:17 pm NST
From what I'm seeing these are the popular BD requests:

1. 1P Challenger HP Increases
2. High Score Table
3. Fixing 2P Glitch That Allows Players To See Each Other's Weapons (called "Foresight Glitch"
4. Fixing Stealing & Reflecting
5. Re-Introducing Stances & Species Resistances
6. 1P Challenger's Not Spamming Infinite Throw Pillow/Lens Flare
7. Return/Continuation of Season 2 of Defenders of Neopia

pikachu315111, 01/27/2018, 9:17 pm NST
8. Do Something With The "Featured Challenge!
9. New NC Battledome Claws
10. Updating Prize Pools
11. New Opponents
12. Able To Wear Your Weapons
13. Training Cost Is Based On Stat Being Trained And Not Level (Level Is Limit)

pikachu315111, 01/27/2018, 9:23 pm NST
@ fsunka:
The 1P Challenger HP Increases would be a fourth difficulty level. It probably wouldn't give prizes, pretty much there for players personal records (maybe High Scores Table) and for events/plots.

@ jessalynn:
Oh, yeah, Agility. Best bet would be a series of weapons that use Agility to determine additional effects. Anything else would be complicated and take time to implement.

neofinder, 01/28/2018, 11:32 pm NST
Would be great if you could include more defensive/multi-healer items for multiple use. There are many offensive weapons that outweigh the number of icons compared to defensive weapons. For example, the Hubrid Nox is one of the great shields we've seen, but we've also seen offensive weapons that can easily surpass 5 earth icons, 5 dark, etc. Much like the really expensive offensive weapons that offer more than 20+ icons, it be great if you could make at least 1 or 2 shields more that offer high defense as well or multiple full blockers for multiple use. Although I understand these would command a high price, it would still be nice if 1 or 2 shields were on the same level as these offensive giants. You could also make another high value multi healer item that might heal 50 or more a round for example. I personally think the full healers already in place are great despite the price, but some additional mutli-healers nevertheless would be great as well. Just my 2 cents.

yeungchunk, 01/29/2018, 12:07 pm NST
I hope we could see more weapons with unique functions - like the Rainbow Swirly Thing and Hubrids Puzzle Box - in the future. Yea I know the chance is slim.

sircabbage - JN Staff, 02/1/2018, 12:11 pm NST
Some cool thoughts here. Lets hope scrappy releases this survey soon, wouldn't it be nice?

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