HerdyWraith Plot - New Steps!
Posted by Herdy on January 18, 2018, 5:59 am NST
New steps are now active for the Wraith Resurgence! Murmur #4 is now live. This uses the 4th Kaia note on the left of the HQ page. The Faeries Chest now has 12 locks, and will unlock the 4th BD challenger - the Hulking Wraith, which drops the Wraith Blood needed for the new potions.

There only appears to be one fog location per potion currently. Potion VII will cure TDMBGPOP, Potion VIII Coltzan's Shrine, Potion IX the Tombola, and Potion X will heal the Fruit Machine.

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This morning it appears TNT have implemented their fix for the cap on wraith ingredient drops in the Battledome discussed in the editorial. Caps have now been increased on all challengers, it appears by an extra 18 per ingredient -- making a total of 53 available drops per ingredient.

New fog locations are currently also live across Neopia, and new achievements are available, so it appears the 4th murmur will be made live shortly.
cloonshannagh, 01/18/2018, 6:20 am NST

neo111186, 01/18/2018, 6:25 am NST
(minus, it seems, Ectoplasm from the Snapjaw Wraith)

Of course it's gotta be the one I need most because I wasn't one of the crazies who went insane farming it while it was unlimited...

peanutbutter_n_jelly, 01/18/2018, 6:45 am NST
I got ectoplasm this morning so they are dropping as well.

salina_sweet, 01/18/2018, 6:52 am NST
I too also have just gotten 2 ectoplasm just now so it is dropping

salina_sweet, 01/18/2018, 7:01 am NST
I Also just made concoction V I only had one fur in my invy and it gave me 2 potions? Is this something new as well they have done

mistyraider, 01/18/2018, 7:16 am NST
Do I really have to unlock that chest AGAIN?

purplebin, 01/18/2018, 7:22 am NST
Ugh, I hate it when it takes two potions to clear one fog!
Also, we seem to have skipped the step where we battle the wraith the first time and get a Mysterious Coffer... I accidentally bought too many Golden Keys last time, and now it doesn't look like we need more!

herdy - JN Staff, 01/18/2018, 7:27 am NST
Some segments seem to be not fully operational (the potions don't have clues, for example) so we might see another coffer added later today.

heaveaway05, 01/18/2018, 7:36 am NST
Jellyneo, can you please offer a battledome guide for the skeith?

jadedone23, 01/18/2018, 7:55 am NST
Ugh, that friggin chest. This may be where I quit the plot. Is it any easier on a mobile device or will it even work on mobile?

herdy - JN Staff, 01/18/2018, 8:00 am NST
It can be more laggy which isn’t greatly helpful.

rachelevie1, 01/18/2018, 8:18 am NST
i cant seem to beat the new wraith in the BD i dont know what to do

mortychichi, 01/18/2018, 8:27 am NST
that chest is impossible lol

mortychichi, 01/18/2018, 8:30 am NST
adding new locks is definitely a fail, the thing is bigger than my screen and zooming out causes the puzzle to be too small to not miss

purplebin, 01/18/2018, 8:33 am NST
The chest locks have been larger than my screen for a while, but it's actually been helpful to only see the top. Less dizzying. I don't know how, but I finished it quicker this time than last!

alli_draggy, 01/18/2018, 8:34 am NST
Get that smoke off my dailies or so help me. I just want to do my dailies without any of that dark magic dung.

purplebin, 01/18/2018, 8:37 am NST
Lots of things aren't getting updated or activated lately. The Customization Spotlight, the Premium Collectible, and the newest NP wearables aren't visible in the closet.

phenixia, 01/18/2018, 8:56 am NST
Finaly!! After so many days without any drop, wraith items are dropping again for me.

cloonshannagh, 01/18/2018, 9:16 am NST
@ mistyraider I STILL detest/despise/hate that blasted chest.

topaz644, 01/18/2018, 9:21 am NST
I was worried about unlocking the chest (it's so big!) but I zoomed out to 67% and used full screen.

Also I'm on firefox and was able to clear the mists as before, just had to be patient, have only the one potion I needed in my inventory, and hit the give potion button multiple times along with the refresh button. lol

Also Fyora is in her own bed for me now

jadedone23, 01/18/2018, 9:51 am NST
So, I cleared the stupid chest lock thing, but not with fewer than 4 misses. Is the achievement prize worth going back and trying for? All I really cared about was getting the challenger, which I did.

topaz644, 01/18/2018, 9:54 am NST
@jadedone23 The prize for the chest is a book so I'd say yes it's worth it

elphapa_the_wicked, 01/18/2018, 10:54 am NST
My mystic murmurs are not reset for the new wraith, which is kinda weird...

atryeu, 01/18/2018, 10:55 am NST
I'm so sick of them putting the fog on dailies pages Most of it won't remove for me and I am not going to put another browser on my computer just to do the plot. Fruit Machine was lagged so badly it looked like it would take 5-10 minutes to stop spinning so I just closed it. I'm not doing dailies anymore I guess until this is over, I'm tired of the lag because I can't remove the fog

@topaz644, how do you get it removed on Firefox? It will only remove on certain pages for me (for example, Free Jelly, where clicking the free jelly button gives the exact same URL and I can then refresh it to resend data and that removes it). Any other pages with a differen't URL or no extra link to click on for non daily pages and I can't remove the fog and it sits there creating massive amounts of lag until I close the page.

herdy - JN Staff, 01/18/2018, 11:03 am NST
If your murmur has not reset make sure you have completed *BOTH* Wild Woods steps - finding the mystery figure and finding Fyora. They are required to progress.

topaz644, 01/18/2018, 11:46 am NST
@atryeu On FF I have to click give potion over and over while also clicking the refresh page on my browser over and over. Eventually it takes. It's not the most elegant thing but it works. Usually 5 or 6 or even 10 times on a page but it will eventually take.

I also keep my invent open on another tab to refresh to be sure the potion is gone. Also it's important to ONLY have the potion you need for THAT page in your invent.

The only reason I do it in FF is to help people who wont, for whatever reason, use another browser. So it will work if you are persistent.

topaz644, 01/18/2018, 11:51 am NST
@atryeu- to clarify...I basically spam both the give potion and refresh buttons...going back and forth between the 2...having only the one needed potion in your inventory insures that you wont waste a potion.

mamsmelk_jr, 01/18/2018, 11:56 am NST
@herdy thanks, that was indeed the reason my murmurs wasn't working

topaz644, 01/18/2018, 12:16 pm NST
Now that Fyora is in her proper bed I made another potion for her and had no trouble giving it to her on FF.

atryeu, 01/18/2018, 12:26 pm NST
@topaz, thanks for that info. I had tried that in the past with the 2nd set of potions but I had more than 1 potion in the inventory. I still haven't cleared fog from other areas from way back on the 2nd part of the plot. I'll try this tomorrow, I don't have time today, leaving in an hour for a movie And yeah, I've used Firefox since version 3 and prefer this. Tried a few others in the past but I didn't like most of them and I absolutely do not want anything Google related on this computer so I won't use Chrome even if I did like it LoL

I just wish they'd stop putting the fog on dailies and I would have just skipped most of the step and not even bothered

topaz644, 01/18/2018, 12:47 pm NST
Firefox is my browser of choice for Neopets. In fact the way I have FF set up it can ONLY be used for Neopets. Maybe not so much since RequestPolicy isn't around but having Noscript makes me feel a lot safer here.

Nonetheless we still have to allow many Google things thru in order to use FF on Neo so having Chrome as a browser to use for things like events isn't such a big bad thing.

topaz644, 01/18/2018, 1:15 pm NST
Not to mention that when flash is no longer supported by the major browsers I suspect some one will come up with a flash browser.

This browser wont be safe but I bet lots of people will use it because so many things (not just neopets) will not have changed over.

atryeu, 01/18/2018, 1:35 pm NST
@topaz, I use NoScript and adBlock as well, but I have have 99% of all things Google blocked completely. There was the 1 set of scripts that have to be allowed for a lot of sites to run but it's set to default and can run unless I give the ok to run temporarily. I don't use Chrome for specific reasons tied in with Google but I wont' get into them on here. I prefer Firefox because of it's security and privacy.

Thanks again and I'll try the fog again tomorrow. At the very least I'll battle so I can get the stamp.

topaz644, 01/18/2018, 1:38 pm NST
Get that stamp! *wink*

topaz644, 01/18/2018, 1:49 pm NST
Lots of lag on Neo.

I miss Request Policy. It blocked many images on Neo. With RP and NS I had much more control over what loaded on Neo.

NS allows all images. If I go to a user shop I get all the images and animations now and I just want it to not allow that.

BUT NS allows me to look at all the scripts running on the page. And I look at them first, then I look at the address of the item I intend to buy.

combustibles, 01/18/2018, 2:54 pm NST
It is *beyond* me why they didn't just make the items non-trade from the getgo.

Really, TNT.. Nevermind that you force me to use Chrome to actively play this plot, you don't even fix what needed an actual fix..

shonawolf, 01/18/2018, 3:26 pm NST
I think someones experimenting with attack positions I just hit the skieth with my fist.

cat, 01/18/2018, 5:12 pm NST
Yay, thanks TNT!

I think they may have made them tradeable because they wanted people who don't battle to be able to complete the plot. Of course, for that to work you also need to let the people who do battle earn enough extras that they can safely sell them to the people who don't. Either that or it's because it was their first real plot and they still need to learn the ropes of making a Neopets plot.

mistyraider, 01/18/2018, 5:17 pm NST
@heaveaway05, are you to level 50? If so, any combo of the weapons received thru this plot plus Lens Flare will defeat the skeith on easy.
If no lens flare, I don't know.

nox_faerie713, 01/18/2018, 5:37 pm NST
My Kaia's Murmurs haven't reset from last time. It's this harrowing with anyone else, or did I just forget a step??

josie, 01/18/2018, 6:24 pm NST
The lag is absolutely horrible. I'm trying to get more ingredients, but the battledome is soooooooo slow, and I've gotten several error messages too

joe, 01/18/2018, 7:29 pm NST
this round of potions are the first that have actually worked to clear mist for me (which is good, because its cleared, but is bad, because before I didn't lose potions..) it doesn't appear that actually clearing counts, only the brewing, but I guess Im going to farm more potions and see if they work now too.

purplebin, 01/18/2018, 7:52 pm NST
I am SO glad I finished this step and all the battling before the lag kicked in!

@nox_faerie713, did you go back to the Wild Woods and find Fyora before going back to Murmurs?

burntcookies, 01/18/2018, 9:48 pm NST
For those of us who joined the plot after the cap, I received 25 ectoplasm & only 13 more since this update. So your not alone if you only received 38 ectoplasm total so far.

amethyst43217, 01/18/2018, 9:55 pm NST
Wow, what a rich Wraith. So far he's used Jhudoras Bewitched Ring, Shield of Faerieland, Rancid Battle Dung, Clawed Shield, Skarls Hasty Mace, and Tower Shield. And the new weapon is really weird and it seems slightly unpredictable? I wonder how you're going to enter the data on it!

amethyst43217, 01/18/2018, 9:58 pm NST
Wow, what a rich Wraith. So far he's used Jhudoras Bewitched Ring, Shield of Faerieland, Rancid Battle Dung, Clawed Shield, Skarls Hasty Mace, and Tower Shield. And the new weapon is really weird and it seems slightly unpredictable? I wonder how you're going to enter the data on it!

kreyrie, 01/18/2018, 10:51 pm NST
It's not live for me yet, is this happening to anyone else? Her eyes are still open from the last murmur and the puzzle shows my previous answer so like... I'll wait? But it's weird.

1jediboy, 01/18/2018, 11:31 pm NST

One of the new plot prizes you can get from Fyora is the "The Queens Diary" book.

This is supposed to be a copy of Queen Fyora's actual diary, right? Then why does it say it's empty in the description?

What if... It's NOT empty! What if it's written with invisible ink! That book might have some SERIOUS faerie secrets in it! Only available to those smart enough to look. Maybe this could be intertwined in the plot!

thatgirlmarie, 01/19/2018, 9:20 am NST
I cannot decode Kaia again. I missed the Meerca healing and although I did Fyora, I think it's tripping me up :/

atryeu, 01/19/2018, 7:04 pm NST
@topaz, if you see this, I tried what you suggested, with 1 potion in the inventory at a time but it still won't work I've tried the Tombola one 30 times now and it still won't use the potion

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