DaveLast Chance: Altador Cup Prize Shop Closing
Posted by Dave on May 11, 2017, 2:37 pm NST

As a reminder, you have until Friday, May 12th (tomorrow!) to redeem your points for Altador Cup XI prizes and Staff Tournament prizes.

After May 12th, the prize shop will be closed in preparation of this year's Altador Cup! You will lose any unredeemed points and you won't be able to claim those prizes.

If you're looking for suggestions on what to redeem, we recommend checking out the Yooyu Knuckle Duster (a relatively good weapon for a low cost) and the Altador Cup XI Commemorative Stamp (a stamp, which is probably enough said).

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pikachu315111, 05/11/2017, 4:37 pm NST
If anyone's interested, here's my advice if you can't choose what prize(s) to pick:

1. First, Unless you want one, I would skip the Altador Cup Team Pennant Dress. I think it would be HTS and the background below it sells for about the same price.

pikachu315111, 05/11/2017, 4:38 pm NST
2. The Yooyuball Graffiti Background all depends on a few factors. First of course is if you want one then go right ahead. If not, if you're willing to wait to find a buyer and not want to buy a batch of stamps than I would also say it wouldn't be that bad of a choice, I think easier than the dress (and as I said, they sell for about the same). You have enough points for two but that's up to you if you want to get two, personally I think one is enough.

pikachu315111, 05/11/2017, 4:38 pm NST
3. Whether you purchased a background or not, I would then suggest getting a many stamps as possible. They're ETS and, if you hold onto them long enough, go up in price over time.

4. Finally, for the smaller prizes, I would suggest getting books, non-Jersey wearables, and the Yooyu Knuckle Dusters. I specified not getting the Jersey since you can buy them cheap on the Shop Wizard if you really wanted one.

pikachu315111, 05/11/2017, 4:39 pm NST
5. With a BD event supposedly coming, it might not be a bad idea to stock up on a few Yooyu Knuckle Dusters. They're very good weapons and I can see them becoming a new BD standard, meaning when the battles come their price will skyrocket (even right now what they sell for isn't bad for how many points they are).

pikachu315111, 05/11/2017, 4:40 pm NST
6. Out of the wearables I would suggest Yooyuball Racket (only wearable Yooyuball sling so essential for Altador Cup customs), Yooyuball Gear Shelf (a nice trinket for a Yooyuball/Altador Cup custom), Altador Cup Watch Party Snacks (since you gotta look close to know its AC themed it's quite versatile for any party themed custom), & Altador Cup Wristbands (nice wristband item and the Yooyu is barely noticeable so is versatile).

pikachu315111, 05/11/2017, 4:40 pm NST
7. The Altador Cup Armours I would suggest getting only for the team you want, otherwise I'd instead suggest getting the book underneath them (yes, the Armours sell for more though they might be HTS since everyone probably already got the one they want and I don't think their BD stats are that great).

cat, 05/11/2017, 5:25 pm NST
The armors might sell to team switchers. I keep the same team every year but if you switch you might want to buy one.

vaporesque, 05/11/2017, 8:15 pm NST
I got a Altador Cup Team Pennant Dress knowing I could gift it, but it sold right away. That Graffiti background was not something with which I wanted to get stuck.

sh0cken, 05/12/2017, 8:13 am NST
I missed the whole event.

deblubbernoot, 05/13/2017, 1:45 am NST
I have a question, are there still 'hacker' teams in AC?

recklesse, 05/13/2017, 11:37 am NST
Off topic, but there doesn't seem to be a topic relating to the current major billing issues:

Wouldn't 'How to file a dispute with Paypal' be a good idea for a JN guide right now? It would be useful to have something of the sort to link the affected players to.

doomdesire5, 05/13/2017, 1:06 pm NST
@deblubbernoot - I dunno but a lot of people are wary about joining this year because of how many legit players were frozen as well.

vincent7577, 05/13/2017, 3:59 pm NST
Prize shop not working for anyone else? rip

at least I spent most of my points

vincent7577, 05/13/2017, 4:02 pm NST
oh I should've read the opening post lol, I saw it on new features and came here to complain

at least I can still buy another 30 TNT coffee mugs. Whoo.

herdy - JN Staff, 05/13/2017, 4:24 pm NST
@vincent: There's an alternate link that still works for the time being


But use those points quickly!

cat, 05/13/2017, 7:15 pm NST
@deblubbernoot - Probably, I doubt TNT can really get rid of them.

cat, 05/13/2017, 7:18 pm NST
@vincent7577 - well that's what you get for waiting until the absolute last minute to spend your points. At least they gave us a solid deadline this time.

imaginym, 05/14/2017, 3:32 am NST
This isn't my real Neopets username, but anyway.... PANIC.
I only just recently learned that May 12th was the shop closing date. I don't know where that date came from, though! D:
I didn't see a date mentioned in the New Features, nor the Help section on Neopets!
In my haste, even though it was the 14th, I followed Herdy's link to the prize shop with 2015 in the url instead of 2016.
I then went &, even though it was the 14th, spent my 10K+ points on Knuckle Dusters, 3 or so Stamps, & junk.

Now I'm worried because I just realized I used the old prize shop link to buy from an otherwise CLOSED prize shop! So I'm worried that if I do try to sell some of this stuff -or even if I don't!- I might get banned for glitch exploitation or suspicious activity!
My account is over a decade old & I'm scared I'll lose it because of my haste! What do I do?!

purplebin, 05/14/2017, 11:11 am NST
@imaginym, even though the URL says 2015, that is in fact the 2016 prize shop, so there is no glitch and you should be fine.

imaginym, 05/14/2017, 11:18 am NST
Well then, if it is the 2016 shop, then what of the fact that I bought items from a shop when (On today, the 14th.) it was supposed to be officially closed? TNT had mentioned it earlier in NF.
....Is there any precedent for stuff like this, such as what's mentioned by the editorial?

herdy - JN Staff, 05/14/2017, 12:56 pm NST
You'll be fine. You earned the prizes.

vincent7577, 05/14/2017, 5:00 pm NST
@herdy- oh hey thanks!

@cat- actually thats not what I get, I earned points and I should be inclined to spend them when I want to. :/

but I can! So yay c:

cat, 05/14/2017, 11:10 pm NST
@vincent7577 - that's ... not how the real world works. You lucked out this time, but you shouldn't assume things will work out like that every time.

cat, 05/14/2017, 11:15 pm NST
@imaginym - The date's mentioned in the May 2nd news. Anyway you should be fine, I doubt they'll track who bought what from which version of the prize shop.

vincent7577, 05/15/2017, 11:01 am NST
I didn't know I could get altador cup prizes in the real world :O Where do I sign up?!

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