Stat Increasers

Stat increasers have gained a lot of popularity as a training method for your pet. When used properly, they can be both cost effective and time saving. You can train your stats more rapidly when you use stat increasers. Click Here to see a list of all stat increasers.


Training with any stat increaser can be done at the same time as any other kind of training, it does not interfere. Negg training requires a lot of dedication and NP to do right but the results speak for themselves. To successfully train using neggs, you first have to get your pet to the "Dying" stat of hunger. You do this because if you feed your pet once, he will go up a hunger stat but drop back down to Dying after an hour. The idea is to feed your pet a negg every hour (61 minutes to be safe). A common trick is to set up a timer as a reminder for maximum effectiveness.

One of the most used training Neggs is the Snegg. The Snegg gives 2-3 HP and 2-3 Movement Points. Although Sneggs can be very expensive, a pet with high statistics that wants to focus only on HP training can gain anywhere between 48 - 72 HP per day, given that they feed their pet every hour.

The Armoured Negg will give 1 defense point and a defensive BD item for every Negg eaten. The same philosophy applies to this item, feed one every 60-61 minutes and gain 24 defence stat points per day.

Although the 2 neggs above are the most popular, there is a wide array of neggs that can give your neopet stat points. For example, the Cool Negg gives your pet 1-2 levels, 1-3 Max Hit Points, 1-3 Movement Points, and 1-3 Strength Points. There is also the Ferocious Negg, which gives your pet 1-3 Strength, but also sickens your pet. Click here for a list of Neggs and their effects.

Other Stat Increasers

Perhaps the most popular stat increaser is Bubbling Fungus. Each one can give your pet up to 5 Strength or subtract up to 3 Strength, but on average, each Bubbling Fungus will net your pet around ~1.8 Strength. Because they have a chance of being awarded as a prize when Premium users defeat the Giant Space Fungus on Mighty, the supply of these is high enough that the price is often very low - possibly lower than the cost of training your pet at a Training School. Crucially, these potions do not affect your pets hunger, so as long as you have the neopoints to spare, you can keep buying these and using them on your pet until they reach the desired Strength boost.

A long time ago, Mystic Mushrooms were considered a good way to train your pets. However, their prices have since inflated since they have been retired and they are not a very cost effective way of training your pet any more. They have become collectors items. Click here for a list of Mystic Mushrooms.

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