Unique Item Effects

Neopian weapons can do a variety of different things. There are common attackers, defenders, reflectors, freezers and even stealing items. Sometimes however there are items which have unique effects which allow them to stick out from the crowd.

Morphing Items

One of the most annoying and useful unique item effects is the Morphing Item. These items are few and far between but have the ablity to completly transform a pet or petpet into something else. While most of these items will give you a headache, one in particular is very useful.

The most useful of these items is the Kacheek Flour Which has the ablity to morph a user's pet into a Kacheek. This is useful for lab ray battlers who wish to use the cheap and effective healing potion Kacheek Life Potion but do not wish to stop zapping or buy one of the expensive one use Kacheek Morphing Potions. Like most morphers, Kacheek Flour has a usage limit, and may break for good during combat. To get around this most guilds have a guild flour, which they lend to users. The idea is, a user equips the flour, battles someone else in the guild who steals the flour using a Purple Sticky Hand, Heavy Robe of Thievery or other stealing item. Then, they simply use the flour on the pet they wish to be a Kacheek. This method means that the flour can not break, as it is used while stolen.

Other items of this type besides the Kacheek Flour is the retired Chia Flour which does a similar thing, but is less sought after by battlers due to only converting into a Chia. One final example even effects petpets, the hidden tower Slorg Flakes which converts any petpet into a slorg forever. Much like the other Morphers, the same trick of getting another pet to steal and use on you works. However Chias, and Slorgs are much less sought after then Kacheeks.

Item Generators

Sometimes an item may give MORE items when used. These are called 'Item Generators' and are used to create items in combat. Item generators can temporarily create anything from a snowball to a super attack pea... Depending on the Generator. All items created using generators are only created until the end of the match, where they disappear, so use wisely.

The Staff and Wand of Nova for example create their namesake in abundance (Look for the Hand Icon). Each one gives the specified nova, with the staffs slightly less likely to break with a chance to create more. Similarly, the Snowball Wands provide a much cheaper form of generator which creates snowballs.

Item Generators can make much more powerful items than this however. For example, the Retired Hubrids Odial Sphere Creates a hidden tower item for the cost of half your HP each use, whereas the priceless Smugglers Treasure Chest has the ablity to create almost any smugglers cove item once per battle. Item Generators can provide a surprising twist to combat, and the ability to use many one use items in combat which you would normally be unable to take with you.

Transforming Items

Sometimes items totally transform their appearance. In the case of the hidden tower Hubrids Puzzle Box which transforms multiple times to become a Evil Hubrid Statue. Besides this, users can always use a rare retired Aisha Myriad to transform into a random hidden tower item, which does so without costing you HP like the Hubrids Odial Sphere does.


One of the more vile tactics one can employ in the Battledome is that of Poison items. Poison items, such as the Poisonous Flower seen to the side, are generally frowned upon by most battlers. This is due to their unique ability to poison the pet which you use it on. This is not only annoying, but can also stop users from battling further until they are healed. While this could be considered a tactic, it is only useful in 2P fights and won't grant you many friends. Be wary using anything labeled as poison, as you may accidentally poison your partner. Examples of Poison items are things like, Vile Swamp Water, Poison Tipped Dagger or Poison Dart.

Items That Hurt You

Not all effects are good effects, in fact some can be very bad. The above meantioned Hubrids Odial Sphere for example depletes half your current HP each use. While some items such as a Dark Fire Potion have a chance to deal 6 icons of damage. While these items are few and far between, it is something to keep in mind when choosing an otherwise good looking weapon.

Unique Stealers

One particularly brutal item was retired from general circulation and had the power to destroy any item it was used on. While this also destroyed the item in question, hypothetically it could be used to destroy anything from a Rainbow Gun to a Super Attack Pea. Putting all my melodrama aside for a moment, the item in question was called the Eraser of the Dark Faerie.

Besides this, there were other less evil alternative stealers. The Fire Whip for example could randomly transform a opponents weapon into a Million Degree Sword, a very weak attacking item which could cripple a players set and ignore stealing orders. Luckily this effect only lasted till the end of the fight. The Fire Whip however has since broken, and TNT has yet to fix it. As of now, all it does is its basic attack.

Draining Items

Drain life is a particularly useful ability in the battledome, but some items also have this draining ability. There are two kinds of Draining, the kind that restores HP like the Crisp Blue Tunic and the kind which does not, like the Glowing Cauldron. The Crisp Blue Tunic for example has the power to drain and restore 100hp (but has certain Requirements), where the Glowing Cauldron simply has a chance to drain a small amount of HP but not heal.

Opponent Boost Items

Some items even use the power of your opponent against themselves. The Glowing Cauldron for example attacks with 10 unblockable "reflected" icons depending on who clicks first. If you click first it uses your boost (in 2P), this is also the same if the opponent is frozen. If your opponent clicks first however (or in 1P), it uses their Boost against them. These kinds of items are especially useful for Lab Rats, who may not have very much Strength.

The younger brothers of the cauldron, the Prickly Potion and the Voidberry Potion do the same effect much cheaper, allowing low strength boost lab rats the ablity to fight much better with limited Strength. To compare, a Lab Rat with 200 Boost versing a opponent with a 700 Boost may have the choice of using either dual Ylanas Blasters, a 25.3 Icon attack, or a 12 Icon Prickly Potion barrage. If the Blaster assault is fierce, we can expect around 223 damage with them. However, prickly attack against this opponent would cause maybe around 353 damage. Prickly attacks also have the added bonus of being able to be done under a defense stance without worry.

Besides this, items like the recently deflated Parasol of Unfortunate Demise even can defend based on the strength boost of the person to take the first move. Items like this are often very good for Lab Rat battlers.

Cursed Items

Some items are so full of love and happiness for you that they never want to leave you! Wait, that's not right, they are so full of hatred and disdain that removing them will make them poof forever. Items such as the Jhudoras Bewitched Ring or the Cloud Rod can not be removed after they are put on. While it apparently is possible to remove these items by transferring or pounding your pet, often it is a better idea not to touch these at all.

Disabling Items

Disabling items do just like the name suggests, they disable certain items. The Bent Fork for example has the power to disable all forks and tridents that the enemy may be using (Including the Popular Kelpbeards Trident) Other items such as the Apron of the Muffin Man can disable muffins, while the cheaper Iced Wand has the chance to destroy all Snowballs in play. Disablers can easily trash a opponents' set if it is unlucky enough to be made up of the items it disables, and provide another unique way to disarm an opponent besides stealing.

Random Icon Items

While attacking or reflecting on its own is not unique, some items deliver items in a very random way. The Glittery Faerie Dust For example attacks with 15 of the same random icon. While 15 icons itself is not overly powerful, especially in 1P, in 2P it makes it very difficult to block. This is due to being unable to predict what is coming, which is an issue on all but the most diverse icon blockers.

In a much less useful fashion, the Rainbow Swirly Thing has the unique ability to reflect a random icon type almost completely. This makes it almost completely useless in 1P, and only a little use in 2P.

Other Unique Items

Some items are so unique they do not even fit into categories right now.

Jhudoras Crystal Ball

Firstly we have the effects of the Jhudoras Crystal Ball and the Everlasting Crystal Apple which can see the opponents full set. This is useful in 2P, to let you see stealing order, find out what icons they are likely to attack you with, and as an added bonus the ball version does not even post a message that it has been activated. In 1P however the application is limited. Most people seem to turn the ball into the apple, however since the apple uses up the healer slot and the ball does not, applications in this manner are limited. Another item has a unique effect which nerfs this effect however. The Faerie Fog when used at the same time as either of these items stops the clairvoyance effect.

Grey Staff

Congrats on reaching one of the most useless unique item effects on neopets! The Grey Staff is an item which makes the pet you use it on sadder. Yes, thats right, it makes pets cry. Nice huh? .

Volcano Crystal

This is an item with very special requirements to activate. Called the Volcano Crystal and it can fully block both fire and water icons, but only if the first item selected is an Orb of the Fire Faerie or the second weapon selected is a Fireball Negg. Not exactly the most useful ability, but sure is unique.

Ancient Negg Amulet

I must start by saying I swear I did not include this JUST because I like neggs, only partly. While no longer active the Ancient Negg Amulet once blocked all damage from the Neggbreaker, and caused 10,000 damage to him. But only him. It was part of a Site Event about the Mysterious Negg... Which is now also a Daily!

Pocket Lab Ray

The final unique item I will talk about in this article is the Pocket Lab Ray . This cove item has the ability to, among other things change gender or species. This comes at a price however, as it is fragile and may break.

This article was written by: SirCabbage