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B-308 Tax Form (r101) [Special]View in Item Database
DescriptionOh no.. anything but this! B-308 Tax Form

1-Player Only


Average Rating [?]
Attack N/A
Defense N/A
Reflect N/A
Effects N/A
Actual Icons
Restocks At N/A
Used By Tax Beast
Special Categorization None
Notes None
Ratings - B-308 Tax Form
This weapon is a 1-Player Only weapon and can be used if stolen from the opponent that holds it. I rate these weapons on a 4-point scale,
4 = Use if stolen without question, 3 = May be worth using, 2 = Not the worst item you could steal, but still not great. 1 = Congrats, you stole something useless.

Better then:
Every other "junk" item I have rated so far. I mean at least they have put some effort in to keeping to a theme.

Worse then:
Anything else he has on him.

Worth Stealing?:
With only the Downsize Power Plus being even remotely worth stealing? No.

Worth Using?:
Yeah, until you get to the counter and realise you really needed form C-248 and find yourself back at the end of the line.

Rated on April 6, 2014