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Flotsam Star Blade (r98) [Ultra Rare]View in Item Database
DescriptionFlotsam can fling these sharp bladed starfish at any opponent to protect themselves in battle. Flotsam Star Blade

Flotsam Only


Average Rating [?]
Attack *fire**fire**dark**physical* + *dark**dark**physical*
Defense N/A
Reflect N/A
Effects N/A
Actual Icons
Restocks At Battle Magic
Used By N/A
Special Categorization None
Notes None
Ratings - Flotsam Star Blade
Price/power (0/5): Weak and not worth the NP.

Tactical (0/5): Useless in battle. We're not in the 4- or 6-icon era anymore.

Bonus (1/1): Because I can't give it a 0.

Closing remarks: Get a Scroll of the Fool instead.

Rated on September 30, 2015

Price/Power (0/5)
This has very strange stats behind it, doesn't it? I feel sorry for whoever had to test this particular weapon. But anyway. The price of this weapon just doesn't match up with the "power". I say power as "power" since this weapon is laughably weak and even for 1np would be worthless.

Countermeasures (0/5)
The Scarab Ring is just one of many items which can cut this down to size.

Alternatives Upgrades or Downgrades
Anything. Just get a Energy Blaster or Scroll of the Fool instead.

Other Points (1 Bonus)

Final Thoughts
Poor starfish.

Rated on March 29, 2014

Overview: I feel like one of the TNT members accidentally submitted a sketch of a Pokemon instead of the real Flotsam Star Blade when they were done with the art. Then someone didn't like it so they made the weapon terrible.

The Good: Nostalgia of my pre-neopets days comes back when I see this weapon.

The Bad: A maximum of 7 icons is fairly weak. When you consider that this averages less than the bad free giveaway items like Bone Sceptre, yuo can see how terrible it really is.

The Ugly Truth: If you want multi-icon battling that isn't so terrible, just pick up a Scroll of Ultranova. If you like nostalgia for things that aren't Neopets, and you don't plan on using it for actually battling, the Flotsam Star Blade is probably your only Pokemon nostalgia weapon.

Rated on December 31, 2013