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Tangella Tonic (r90) [Very Rare]View in Item Database
DescriptionKeep your Neopet stay healthy with this tasty tonic. Limited Use. You can only have one healing item equipped to a pet! Tangella Tonic

Once per Battle

Average Rating [?]
Attack N/A
Defense N/A
Reflect N/A
Effects *heal* 15 HP
Actual Icons
HEAL HEAL 15    
Restocks At Brightvale Potions
Used By N/A
Special Categorization None
Notes *limit_one* Limit One Healing Item
Ratings - Tangella Tonic
Price/Power (0/5)
This healing item is by no way powerful enough to use in everyday combat. It isn't alone in this either, there are many that are this horrible. With that in mind I am going to try and write a single review for all of them-

Countermeasures (0/5)
This level of hp is not enough to be worth using, just give it a miss.

Alternatives Upgrades or Downgrades
In battle, the Greater Healing Scroll, out of battle the Essence of Everlasting Apple, Super Strength Healing Potion or Bubbling Healing Goo are all worth looking into.

Other Points

Final Thoughts
A horrible heal is a horrible heal regardless of price. This one can't even be put on your pet more then once. You might as well just be using a Lesser Healing Scroll, heck, even a minor healing scroll may be of more value then this.

Rated on April 15, 2014

Overview: Can't stand the Magical Healing Potion but for some ridiculous reason you want 15hp healing with no over-heal? Tangella Tonic is for you!

The Good: The price of the Tonic is absurdly cheap. It's not typically 1np like it's "magical" counterpart, but a Neopian could typically expect to buy it for around 100np or less.

The Bad: I've written the review to the Magical Healing Potion, and then same downsides apply to this weapon. Basically, if you're training a battling pet, the Tonic is outgrown very quickly. With the price of Lesser Healing Scroll staying relatively low, the Tonic will be un-equipped soon after a player starts battling in favor of the bigger healer. Also, players with low-hp pets may prefer the advantages that an over-healer like Bronze Scorchstone brings for the price of a few games worth of neopoints. Lastly, TNT decided to massively deflate the Cursed Elixir, which gives 20hp by draining it from the opponents. All of these cheap options heavily out-class the Tangella Tonic, reducing its value in the Battledome as a serious healer.

The Ugly Truth: For Neopians going up against their first opponents, the Tangella Tonic will suffice as a healer. For anyone looking to move on after battling their easiest opponents, it'd be better to start off by investing in a bigger healer.

Rated on February 26, 2014