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L97 Tournament II: The Siege of Castle Lupenstein

The Siege of Castle Lupenstein League 97 Tournament took place prior to the L97 format coming to iDB. The event was hosted by Neoskulltula solely on the BD Chat and petpages. The event is recorded on iDB for the sake of completeness. The event took place in July 2013.

Tourney Format

The Inaugural League 97 Tournament uses the L97 Tournament format. Please refer to the L97 Tourney page for information and rules. This tourney uses a split round robin format. Participants will be split into two pools. Participants will battle all opposing participants in their pool. Participants will battle each of their opponents three times. During pool play, participants should attempt to accumulate as many points as possible. Scoring is as follows:

The Top Four in points will advance to the playoffs. Since participants battle the opposing pool in this event, the first two rounds of the playoffs will be against members of the same pool. The playoffs are single elimination, best of three battles. If participants are tied after three battles, the participants will continue to battle in sudden death play until there is a winner. The seeding for the playoffs is shown below.

Tiebreaker procedure in the event two or more players have the same point total:

  1. Head-to-head record.
  2. Number of wins.
  3. Record vs. Playoff-bound opponents.
  4. Participants will play an additional battle, only if necessary for playoff seeding.

Participants and Scores

Castle Defenders Wins/Losses/Draws Points Invasion Force Wins/Losses/Draws Points
thgil 0/6/0 0 metakitsune 1/19/1 4
cashe322 5/16/3 18 2ouche 18/7/2 56
soopaa_beast 6/16/2 11 nalare 15/9/3 48
pisha1 19/8/3 60 smartaleck1994 0/0/0 0
okay__ 20/2/2 62 skywalker480 7/6/5 26
kauto 3/8/1 10 neoskulltula 13/16/4 43
la_serbatoio 0/0/0 0 jaxomy 1/2/0 3
pencinoo 4/7/1 13 noxmiles 0/3/0 0
_merlin_the_wizard_ 0/0/0 0 mopardude 3/5/1 10
nucleme 6/11/1 19 njt9497 17/9/4 55
hark_1 23/5/5 74 wapakski_06 18/5/4 58
penguinqwert 15/1/5 50 duke_sloth 1/2/0 3
ace_kindle 0/14/1 1 dfgh5067 0/15/0 0


The Doleful Joust

It was the day of the tournament, and already many exciting bouts had taken place. The King of the realm had invited combatants near and far, and this was the chance for young upstarts and seasoned veterans alike to prove their worth with the lance.

Of course, there were other sights to take in, as a few participants learned the night before.

Yes, things were going very well indeed. This was a beautiful day, one that would no doubt serve to boost the King's glory forever. As below the king watched, two neopets took their starting positions. One was a Draik from an outlying area, and the other was the King's top soldier - a massive Skeith whose size was outmatched only by the fire in his eyes. The fire seemed to spread while in battle, his eyes as intimidating as the weapon in his claws, whether it was a sword, axe or lance. They burned as violently as ever as he squared up his opponent.

This was the first tournament for Vorlim the Draik. He had trained for months under the direction of a knight in his hometown, and knew this was his chance to prove this was the path he should be following. His burnished armour shimmering in the noonday sun, he glanced down the lane to his opponent. He didn't know who this was, but nonetheless had some reservations about their size. "Who better to triumph over?" he reasoned, and put the fear in the back of his mind. The Skeith tore up the ground as he launched his assault, and the Vorlim kept pace.

Vorlim raised his lance against the Skeith and prepared for impact. However, he was soon disoriented and by the time the two met he had let down his guard and felt the impact of the opposing lance. Instead of extending it out, the soldier had kept it behind his head and smashed down onto the Draik's helmet as they passed. Stifled laughter trickled through the Court. Amazingly, Vorlim stayed on.

Scoffing as he was penalized a point, the Skeith turned around and they rejoined once more. With all his might he thrust the lance from his side into Vorlim, and Vorlim flew off his steed and rolled hard into the ground.

When the dust settled, it was clear that Vorlim needed help. He was taken to the medical tent where an herbalist tried to give him succor.

His brother had accompanied him to the joust, and was now to be seen at his side. He could see the light in Vorlim's eyes begin to dim. Unable to handle this, he looked out into the horizon. Vorlim began to say something about forgiveness when he gave up the ghost. A tide of bitterness welled up within him, and he bolted out of the tent.

You did this," he yelled to the Skeith. "This was no accident. Prepare to meet your doom!"

The Skeith grinned at this as he got off his Uni and approached Duronz, unsheathing a sword at the back of his armour.

You'd like that, wouldn't you? No, I am going home. I will return with an army to defeat you. All of you!" He dashed into the tent to retrieve Vorlim. Right as Duronz picked up his brother, the soldier burst in. Before he could make his move Duronz had already taken flight and was out the doorway. Turning around and swiping blindly, the Skeith clipped the end of Duronz's tail as he made his way home faster than anyone could catch on foot.

An Army Rises

Flying as fast as he could, Duronz made it back home within a few hours. The air ripped in half as he hurtled down to his home, brother in his arms. Neighbors and family saw the scene and came to hear the news. Word got to the knight who for months trained him.

The town was full of anger and talk of revenge. Bruloff the Knight came from his training to join the others. He had carefully thought on his way over there, and had planned their course of action. They would strike.

We cannot let this pass. We must seek justice." And in the dead of night they marched to Castle Lupenstein. As the sun rose over his land, the King awoke to see the encampment across the river and knew who they were. The siege had begun.

Inexperience At Work

Marlon opened his eyes and slowly his chamber came into focus. Feeling groggy, he got up and made his way to the corridor and spotted a guard.

W-what happened?" he asked the soldier, squinting as his eyes confronted the nearby torch on the wall.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable, the armoured Scorchio explained what had happened to him. As he relayed the story, the words sparked into memory for the Gelert, who felt no small degree of embarrassment. He had just joined the court as Royal Wizard after three years under the apprenticeship of Virnguld the Wise. When word of the joust reached him, he had seen this as an opportunity to prove himself to his liege. After all, as word had it, some Draik threatened to raise an army and return because of his brother.

So right away he began scouring his spell books for something that would swiftly end the conflict for the King. Before long, he located a spell that would douse the invaders with somnolence. Certain that this was the best solution for all, he knew this was the spell to use to impress the court. This spell had the power to cause the invaders to sleep for 20 days! But he first needed to practice it on someone, and a particularly disliked courtier was selected to receive the wizard's might. Confidently, Marlon recited the incantation. His wand flared a brilliant blue, and instantly he passed out and crumpled to the floor. A guard and the courtier helped him onto his bed and there he had slept for exactly 20 days.

Marlon could not believe he had let down his King. The invaders had been waging war for the entire time the wizard slept, and he felt his stomach sink like a stone. He knew he had to redress the situation. He went to work immediately on a potion he had learned from Virnguld himself.

The King slammed open the door to the wizard's chamber and regally strolled in. He was more than angry at the Gelert for the past few weeks, and demanded success this time around.

Drink this," the Gelert said, brimming with pride. The King, still trusting of his new recruit, took a deep swig of the potion. "When you finish that," he went on, "focus your thoughts on the invaders. They will lose the ability to see their comrades as such, and will turn on each other. Their animosity will devour them." With that, the Gelert cackled insidiously.

A wave of energy pulsated across the land and swept towards the invaders. They forgot about the castle as they noticed each other. Thoughts ran through their heads: Who are they? What do they want? Do they wish me harm? They must... I am in a battle and here they are before me. And with that, the people of Vorlim's village began to battle one another in the shadow of Castle Lupenstein.

The King, pleased, watched from above as the the former allies struggled in combat. He had never been so impressed anyone so much as Marlon. He thought of all the subjects in the castle with him. Quality, the lot of them. The Skeith Commander approached the King, and began to chide the invaders, laughing all the while. As he talked, the King watched. He kept watching. Who is this Skeith? What does he want?...

Prolk's Might

Bruloff at his feet, Duronz suddenly snapped to and surveyed the scene. All of his fellow battlers lay strewn about the meadow. Unaware of what happened, he could only assume a sneak attack on his forces. Somehow they had gotten the upper hand.

Something on top of the castle wall moved, catching his attention. It was the Skeith guard who had dealt the dolorous stroke against his brother, Vorlim. Duronz did not know this, but the Skeith had single-handedly slain everyone inside the castle walls, a blind vortex of steel and claw. Seeing Duronz, he leapt from his perch and fluttered his wings slightly and touched down with great force.

As they sized each other up, clouds streamed effortlessly in front of the sun. The brightness on the plane waxed and waned, and memories of Vorlim crept to the front of Duronz's mind. He wanted to know only one thing before he exacted his revenge. "What's your name?" the Draik asked.

The Skeith figured the least he could do was tell his next victim his name. "Prolk." Both sides satisfied, they charged at one another, blades drawn.

It was clear that both sides were the best battlers of the siege, as the impact of their blows had the force to topple mountains. Somehow, Duronz got the upper hand and knocked Prolk into a ravine, where he lay motionless for an extended period of time. Then he scrambled back to Duronz and again they resumed.

Prolk's might was overwhelming, and Duronz collapsed under the weight of the formidable assault. Thoughts of poor Vorlim swirled in the back of his mind, and he was jolted into consciousness. Prolk had already begun scaling the castle wall, powerful claws digging deep into the stone. Near the top he turned around to be sure, and was not amused to see the Draik's figure in the day's fading light. He pushed off with a flip and landed back on terra firma.

The two resumed their duel, but Prolk was surprised at how Duronz kept up. They skirmished for an hour and withdrew momentarily.

They charged one another yet again but Duronz had had enough. He threw his sword and it spun a few times before lodging in Prolk's skull. With a thunderous crash the massive Skeith fell upon the earth. Duronz was about to head home for help moving his injured but stopped. He wondered.

With no one to stop him, the Draik flew up and over the castle wall. He had remembered most Kings always kept a wizard close by in cases of emergency. His hopes diminished when he saw the scene within the castle walls, but he kept searching. Walking down a corridor, he saw a door close. With one motion he chopped it in half and burst in. Trembling in the corner was a red Gelert. "Come with me," Duronz said. "You work for me now."




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