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Inaugural L97 Tournament

The Inaugural League 97 Tournament took place prior to the L97 format coming to iDB. The inaugural event was hosted by Neoskulltula solely on the BD Chat and petpages. The event is recorded on iDB for the sake of completeness. The event took place in late May 2013.

Tourney Format

The Inaugural League 97 Tournament uses the L97 Tournament format. Please refer to the L97 Tourney page for information and rules. This tourney uses a split round robin format. Participants will be split into two pools. Participants will battle all opposing participants in their pool. Participants will battle each of their opponents three times. During pool play, participants should attempt to accumulate as many points as possible. Scoring is as follows:

The Top Three in points will advance to the playoffs. The playoffs are single elimination, best of three battles. If participants are tied after three battles, the participants will continue to battle in sudden death play until there is a winner. The seeding for the playoffs is shown below.

Tiebreaker procedure in the event two or more players have the same point total:

  1. Head-to-head record.
  2. Number of wins.
  3. Record vs. Playoff-bound opponents.
  4. Participants will play an additional battle, only if necessary for playoff seeding.

Participants and Scores

Pool A Wins/Losses/Draws Points Pool B Wins/Losses/Draws Points
nucleme 3/11/2 11 mopardude 14/4/1 43
penguinqwert 14/1/3 45 jioboie 10/8/2 32
jaxomy 8/8/2 26 dfgh5067 3/15/2 11
mcdooby 13/0/0 39 pisha1 20/2/1 61
duke_sloth 11/10/0 33 neoskulltula 2/14/5 11
woodlandpaintbrush 10/2/0 30 njt9497 11/3/2 35
noxmiles 0/12/3 3 pecinoo 10/6/4 34
la_serbatoio 0/0/0 0 jakethekiko 0/3/0 0
metakitsune/discoleon 0/15/0 0 soopaa_beast 0/15/3 3


Playoffs Round One - Battle of the First Four

The battle has gotten underway, and already two have fallen by the wayside. Both sides have lost a comrade, and here are the specifics:

mopardude, a Flotsam, smote the Grundo known as duke_sloth 2-1. In retaliation, Grundo mcdooby cut down njt9497 in a majestic whirlwind of fury. On the statues erected to honor their memories, the plaques read "Top Six" for the fallen warriors. So what was 6 has become 4. Now the victors of the First Four must take on the top warrior from the other side. What will happen? Stick around for more coverage!!

Playoffs Round Two - Top Seeds Emerge

Spurred on by the loss of their respective comrades, the mightiest warrior for each pack of neopets enters the fray. Oddly, or perhaps as a result of cold calculations, they set their sights on the weaker link instead of going for each other. Such malice! This is what happened:

The brutish pisha1 descended upon mcdooby, the 2nd strongest Grundo. Resilience personified, mcdooby braved the assault, tying to start off the duel. It was then he launched a cunning counterattack, handily defeating the Flotsam in the second bout. This sparked an inner resolve in pisha1, and she found within herself the ability to smash mcdooby in back to back victories.

pisha1 defeated mcdooby 2-1-1. If this had been some sort of "tournament," mcdooby probably would have earned a rank of "Semi-Finalist." Too bad this was real.

The lone Grundo, penguinqwert, had the weight of his entire team on his Kreludan shoulders. Rather than crumbling under the pressure, he fought through it and took an early lead. Not to be outdone, mopardude the Flotsam found an inner strength and blasted back with a win of his own. Each side now covered with little lines and scuffs like animes use to show intense battling and whatever, they eyed each other as they prepared to once more clash. The final victory would belong to mopardude, and it was clear that the pod of Flotsam would enjoy the turf. But, what is this? Some rumblings within the Flotsam ranks...

mopardude defeated penguinqwert 2-1. If only there were some word or term to describe someone who was just shy of the finals. If it did, this term would describe penguinqwert's rank. Alas.

So all Grundos have been eliminated, the Flotsams have won the day!! Huzzah!! But...what is going on? A fight seems to be brewing within the victory party. Come back later as we figure out what is going on...

Playoffs Round Three - A Champion Is Crowned

Hurray for the Flotsams! They have earned the right to the turf. But unfortunately there is an issue. The number 2 Flotsam is tired of being just that, the second-in-command. So he has chosen this moment to attack the group's leader and grab all the power for himself. This is how things went down:

The young upstart Flotsam henceforth known as Mopardude the Cunning launched a surprise assault on the venerable leader of the pod. Caught unawares in the twisting arms of betrayal, Pisha1 crumpled like a fallen leaf on the grassy field of her newfound home. A wind gently blew over the scene, the grass and flowers swaying ever so slightly about her.

She didn't win this place for her pod and defeat myriad Grundos only to fall to a comrade. No. She got up to go fin to fin with her former ally. They danced. And perhaps Mopardude the Cunning was a bit rusty, as he fell backwards onto a rock, giving the win to Pisha1 the Brave. This was always her title, just never felt like saying it because it takes so long to type.

Now they each had a win under their figurative belts. This was it, all or nothing. It was all down to the wire. Insert cliche here. They traded blow for blow and it was soon that both were feeling the strain of war. Their eyes locked, and both charged at the other, weapons drawn. They seemed to run past one another and stop. Both breathing heavily, Pisha1 looked out to the horizon, a horizon she thought she would spend many happy days surrounded by as her pod blissfully lived a harmonious life. She heard the sound of Mopardude the Cunning hitting the ground, and she knew it was over.

Her place of power once more secured, Pisha1 the Brave was embraced heartily by her companions. In time Mopardude the Cunning would be forgiven. Until then, he was made manservant to the whole tribe. The End.

pisha1 defeated mopardude 2-1. The final match left her with a scant 7 HP. Close fights indeed. Come back as the last section of the page is put up.


And so, this tournament has come to a close. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, and I hope this format can grow with time. I'm not one for speeches and so, without further adieu, here are the trophies. If you weren't in Top Six, your rank is Participant. People who lost in the first round of playoffs are Top Six. People who lost in the second round of playoffs get the Semi-Finalist trophy. 1st and 2nd place trophies go to the finalists, of course. And I want to give a shout out to dragonwhelpy, without whom these great trophies would not have come into existence. Here you are: