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L97 World Rankings

Welcome to the L97 World Rankings page! These rankings show who the hottest competitors are in the L97 format! After making their debut in August 2013 following the third L97 event, the L97 World Rankings are updated following every official L97 event.

The L97 World Rankings are calculated based on rank points. After every official L97 event, rank points are awarded to battlers that finish in the top 16 of the event. The better placing, the more rank points that are awarded to a competitor. The L97 World Rankings also place emphasis on more recent events, meaning other competitors are constantly within striking distance of the rankings, and those battlers currently ranked must continue to perform to hold or move up the ranks themselves. For a detailed explanation of how the L97 World Rankings are calculated, scroll to the bottom of this page.

L97 World Ranking
Ranking Player Affiliation Points Trending
#1 Toon_link_dancing TF 91.99 +2
#2 Vexatory TF 76.85 -1
#3 Okay__ HoS 71.07 -1
#4 Penguinqwert CC 51.91 +3
#5 Pisha1 BP 42.74 -1
#6 Dafinsrock TF 27.12 +2
#7 Mopardude HoS 24.89 +3
#8 Jadorelamode SUB 23.68 -3
#9 Xskimdlove N/A 22.79 -3
#10 Labmom953 CC 18.53 +1
#11 Tamora_dawn PW 14.99 +6
#12 Nalare HoS 13.80 +2
#13 Cashe322 CC 13.42 -4
#14 Markaldo BP 12.00 +2
#15 Neodetta18 TRI 11.57 +2
#16 Drazu TF 11.14 -4

How exactly are these rankings calculated?

Following every event, rank points are assigned to the competitors in the event. Rank points were originally awarded to the top 12 participants, but beginning with the first tournament of the 2014 season, the top 16 participants will be awarded rank points. The numbers of points awarded are listed below:

Point Distribution
Place Rank Points
1st 30 points
2nd 20 points
3rd 15 points
4th 12 points
5th 10 points
6th 8 points
7th 6 points
8th 6 points
9th 4 points
10th 4 points
11th 3 points
12th 3 points
13th 2 points
14th 2 points
15th 1 point
16th 1 point

Should battlers be tied in an event, point awards are shared. For example, if two players tied for fifth place, the points for fifth and sixth place would be averaged, and the average points would be awarded to both players. (In this example 10 + 8 = 18, then 18 / 2 = 9 points to each player.)

One important exception is the end-of-year championship tournament. This event awards a greater number of points than regular tournaments!

There is one more important fact to know. Prior to adding in new rank points, all battlers' points totals are reduced by 20%. Prior to adding in new rank points for the first tournament of a new season, all battlers' points totals are reduced by 40% instead of by 20%.

Why do rank point totals get reduced?

The answer to this question is simple. By reducing the rank points, more recent events make a bigger impact on the World Rankings. By reducing rank points prior to adding in new rank points, the World Rankings better reflect the present-day top performers in the L97 format. The previous event will only be worth 80% of its original value, the event before that will only be worth 64% of its original value, and so on. Current events trump past events in the World Rankings. Additionally, rank point reductions also make it possible for newcomers to the format to make the rankings. If rank points were not gradually reduced, the longest-playing participants would almost certainly hold the top spots forever!

This article was written by: Penguinqwert