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League 97 Frequently Asked Questions

Just heard of League 97 and wondering what it is? Or maybe you are just curious to know more about the league? This page attempts to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about League 97!

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is League 97? What does it mean for a pet to be a L97 pet?

League 97 is a league designed around one specific pet build. All pets competing in the league will have 97HP, the 20 strength boost, and the 35 defense boost. Pets may enter a L97 tournament with as little as 80HP, but they are strongly encouraged to train up to 97HP. Pets must have between 20 and 34 strength and between 35 and 54 defense to compete. Although this 97/20/35 hitpoint, strength, and defense build may seem odd, it is actually one of the possible stat-builds for a League 5 pet when using traditional leagues.

However, the similarities between the traditional leagues and League 97 end here. League 97 is both pet-specific and weapon-specific: there are a special set of rules regarding weapons and abilities for the league. The goal of these restrictions is to create lengthy battles; the average League 97 battle will take 8-12 turns, comparably longer than traditional 2-Player battles. The L97 rule set also means that weapon choices are unique for the league; many unusual weapons can be found in the league. Links to the L97 rules as well as a listing of popular weapon choices can be found at the top of this page.

What makes League 97 unique?

League 97 is unique because it is only a single stat-build. In traditional league tournaments, players can enter and compete in a variety of different leagues. Since League 97 is only a single-stat build, this means that all members of the league can potentially battle each other rather than be spread across many different leagues. The single stat-build means that dozens of battlers can be pitted against each other all at once!

League 97 is also unique because of the limitations placed on weaponry. The restrictions are stricter on offensive weaponry than on defensive weaponry, which means that defense plays a much larger role in battles compared to the traditional league metagame. The assortment of eligible L97 weapons is quite different from the most popular items in traditional league play; this unique assortment of weapons forces players to contemplate a radically different set of weapons than they are used to. League 97 attempts to encourage players to move outside their comfort zones and venture into the unknown.

Is League 97 based on the idea of a set cap?

Not at all. League 97 was not created as a means to limit players' wealth in the Battledome. League 97 uses an icon cap as opposed to a Neopoint cap. The price of a weapon is completely irrelevant as far as L97 is concerned. Some weapons found in the format can be found for 1,000NP while others sell for 50,000,000NP. Players in League 97 have widely varying set values. The League 97 rules limit the power of offensive weapons as well as a few other weapons in order to create a never-seen-before metagame. The icon limit enables a vast array of overlooked weapons to be competitive. Players must contemplate a variety of weapons in ways they had not in the past. League 97 was created to shed light on a very diverse group of weapons that were underplayed in the current state of the game.

So is League 97 meant to replace traditional league battling?

League 97 is an alternative metagame. It is not meant to replace traditional league battling; it is meant to coexist. League 97 and traditional league battling pick the brains of their participants in very different ways; many players enjoy both! Both offer their own challenges, and players can learn a great deal about battling by participating in one or both. League 97 was created in part due to the inhospitable state of the new Battledome for competitive traditional league play. Although L97 is currently the only competition taking place in the new Battledome, it will hopefully one day exist alongside traditional league battling!

How was League 97 formed?

In late summer 2012, Penguinqwert shared a unique idea for a format that used varying weapon restrictions to allow for an alternative, more defensively-based metagame. Although the rules of this hypothetical format were unlike the rules of League 97, their intentions were the same: create a format where battles are longer and defense plays a more significant role. At the same time, Neoskulltula had been working on his own format, which would eventually lead to the formation of League 97. Neoskulltula had took notice of these discussions and began talking with Penguinqwert, and he soon after presented his own format ideas. While discussing their various ideas for an alternative format, they eventually reached the conclusion that one of them would bring their format to life at some point. Neoskulltula would ultimately make his own format a reality.

In fall 2012, the old Battledome closed. When the new Battledome opened, it was riddled with problems that greatly limited its competitive playability; many of those issues still persist. Competitive battling ceased to exist. Despite the decline of the competitive battling community, Neoskulltula made an attempt at reviving a portion of the 2-player community. In spring 2013, he announced the formation of League 97, which was modified to be as new-BD-friendly as possible, and Penguinqwert jumped on board to help him.

That summer, Penguinqwert worked with Benladesh, the iDB administrator, to bring League 97 to iDB. Neoskulltula also became an iDB staffer, and together they have worked ever since to grow and promote the league.

How do I join League 97?

Train up a pet to meet the League 97 stat criteria and work on acquiring L97 weaponry! League 97 welcomes all players regardless of past battling experience, and there are many L97 participants on the BD Chat who are happy to help newcomers. Tournament announcements are frequently posted on the BD Chat as well as iDB, so keep your eye out! Signup boards for L97 tournaments can be found on the BD Chat, and they can typically be found days, weeks, or even over a month in advance.

Still have questions?

Neomail Penguinqwert or Neoskulltula any questions you might have. They will be happy to help!

This article was written by: iDB Staff