Weapons With Stat Requirements

Sometimes in the Battledome there are more variables than simply Strength and Defense. A few items which may otherwise seem placid and weak come alive when certain circumstances are met. This is most apparent in Brightvale armor and potion items, where requirements of Intelligence and Movement are often required to unlock an items full potential.

Items that Require User Stats

The first kind of items which require stat points to use are those which increase in power based on if you have met certain requirements. Unlike Strength and Defense Boosts which are based on an increasing curve (up to 700) these items require a certain number to become powerful, but do not continue to gain in strength after that point is reached.

The Heavy Robe of Thievery for example is a rather simplistic 2 Icon Light defender. It can be used an unlimited number of times to defend against this light, but when used by a pet with over 68 Intelligence and 200 Movement it becomes a once per battle 100% Stealer. This comes with the added benefit of not being given to your opponent when it steals something, unlike the series of sticky hands which serve as an alternative. When compared to the less effective Purple Sticky Hand or the more expensive Rainbow Sticky Hand, the Heavy Robe of Thievery wins on top. In the case of Lab Rats, this item can often be a perfect alternative to other stealers simply due to the high movement stat gained by the lab ray.

Much like the Heavy Robe of Thievery the Crisp Blue Tunic is a simple defender item, this time defending two water icons and two earth. The requirements for this item are 750 Intelligence, and after this point it becomes a 100HP life drainer. Unlike the drain life ability however this Tunic is not dependent on a percentage of health, instead draining 100HP under only two conditions. Firstly, that you have over 100HP worth of damage to heal and secondly that your opponent has over 100HP left. While this may seem like a significant burden, it does allow a drain effect to be more useful against opponents of under 1000HP, and has the added benefit of not draining your power.

The most expensive of this series of stat requiring items is the Heavy Blue Tunic, which requires 1000 Intelligence to use. Much like the robes above, Heavy Blue Tunic finds itself as a simple 8 icon defender, but when the requirement is reached it becomes a 100% Freezer and breaks after use for the battle.

A fair chunk of the other Brightvale cloaks also raise slightly in power when a certain point is reached, however they are much less notable. That being said, over the years TNT has released a stream of items similar to this, including the highly stat limited Sword of Knowledge. This sword not only requires your pet to have over 80 Intelligence but also requires the opponent to have under 80 Intelligence.

Items which rely on Opponent Stats

The Sword of Knowledge is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to items which require opponent stats to work. Most of the Brightvale potions which can be equipped have a requirement based on the Opponents Intelligence points. The Steaming Skeem Potion for example gains three extra icons of fire damage when used on a pet with over 20 Intelligence. This moves it from an 8 Icon multi-use attacker to a 11 Icon multi-use attacker. The Flaming Blooble Potion is another similar potion which moves from an 8 Icon attack for a 14 Icon attack based purely if you are versing someone with over 21 Intelligence.

In two player, these weapons become a tactical issue. On the one hand a user may wish to take advantage of the weapons which require stat points to use, and therefore will also be prey to the Stat based weapons wielded by their opponents. Conversely, a player may choose to keep their Intelligence low to help avoid the extra damage. On average, it is often more use to take advantage of the high stat requirement items, but really the decision is up to you.

This article was written by: SirCabbage