The Lab Ray

The Lab Ray is one of the most sought after things on Neopets! This article is meant to explain what the Lab Ray does, the percentages in which it does it, some of the perks of the Ray, and a good way of buying the full map set.

How Much Does a Full Lab Map Cost?

You can find the current estimated price for each of the pieces HERE. The cost of each piece is constantly fluctuating according to supply and demand.

Buying Your Set

One of the best ways to collect the pieces is to collect them individually. You might think the complete sets on the Trading Post may be worth it, but in the end, you will more than likely end up overpaying a bit. If you use the Shop Wizard for individual pieces, you're more likely to find a cheaply priced piece and get a good deal on it. Plus, with all of that refreshing, you could also get a piece from a random event. ;) When using the Shop Wizard, search for this item name: Secret Laboratory Map. For estimated prices for each map piece, along with links to search for them, you can use this page of our Item Database. If using this buying method, just buy one piece at a time when you can, throw it in your Safety Deposit Box, and you'll have all nine pieces before you know it.

What Does the Finished Map Look Like?

The finished map looks the same as below. Once you have all nine pieces in your inventory, you can go to this page and turn them in.

Secret Laboratory Map Secret Laboratory Map Secret Laboratory Map
Secret Laboratory Map Secret Laboratory Map Secret Laboratory Map
Secret Laboratory Map Secret Laboratory Map Secret Laboratory Map

Has the Lab Map always looked the same?

Nope! The Secret Lab Map got an image facelift on April 20, 2011. This is what it used to look like:

Secret Laboratory Map Secret Laboratory Map Secret Laboratory Map
Secret Laboratory Map Secret Laboratory Map Secret Laboratory Map
Secret Laboratory Map Secret Laboratory Map Secret Laboratory Map

How many zaps do I get?

You have permanent access to the Ray once you turn in your completed map! However, you are limited to only one zap per account per day. You can zap any pet of yours with your daily zap. Some people who may show more than one zap a day have completed more than one lab set on multiple accounts. ;) (There are some Lab Ray addicts with a completed map on each of their five accounts. :P) Keep in mind that if you do want the Ray on a side account, you must purchase the map pieces on your main account (you cannot earn Neopoints on side accounts!).

With the release of the Lab Ray Fortune Cookie in the NC Mall, you do have the opportunity to get some extra zaps. You can only open it on your main account, with the exception being if you have the lab ray on a side but -not- your main account. You can read more about how fortune cookies work here.

What does the Lab Ray do and how often?

The Lab Ray does numerous things: it can decrease stats, increase stats, change your pet's species, or do nothing at all! You cannot choose what it does, as it is all random. Overall, you have a 45% chance of getting a stat increase, a 28% chance of getting a stat decrease, a 22% chance of getting a pet appearance change, and a 5% chance of nothing happening at all. The chart below shows the percentage of each possible change. (Please note that these percentages may not be 100% accurate, because of the random nature of the Ray.)

Lose Strength 5.1%
Lose Levels 5.5%
Lose Movement 4.9%
Lose Defence 4.9%
Back to Level 1 7.4%
Gain Levels 5%
Gain Movement 10.6%
Gain Defence 6.1%
Gain Hit Points 14.2%
Gain Strength 9.2%
Colour Change 9%
Species Change 5.4%
Gender Change 7.6%
No Change At All 5.1%

Note: The possible zap "No Change At All" listed above is a variable statistic depending on your stats of your pet. Although we cannot confirm it, it is believed that "No Change At All" is the default that the Ray resorts to if it cannot do something to your pet, such as change it to an Alien Lupe, or reduce its level to -2. In general, the higher statistics your pet has, the less likely it is for "No Change At All" to appear.

The outcome "Back to Level 1" stops being a possibility if your pet's level is high (you should stop getting it at around level 20+ or 40+).

The Lab Ray can change a pet's species into almost any species. Just like colours are restricted, species are too! As far as we can tell, the following species cannot be obtained from the ray: Draik, Krawk, and Ixi.

What can't the Lab Ray do?

The Lab Ray cannot turn your pet the following colours: Baby, Magma, Pirate, Plushie, Quiguki, Royal, and Usuki. It also won't upgrade intelligence, do anything to your petpet, or take away max hit points. It simply changes the stats and appearances mentioned above.

What are the Lab Ray exclusive colours?

Some colours can only come from the Lab Ray! There is simply no other easy way in Neopia, like using a paint brush, to change your pet into that certain colour. (These colours are not accessible via a Fountain Quest either!) The Lab Ray exclusive colours are: Clay, Garlic, Ice, MSP, Robot, Sponge. There is one exception to this rule, though. Bori cannot be zapped Ice! To learn more about obtaining an Ice Bori, visit our guide.

Some colours are primarily available through the Lab Ray, because no paint brush (or similar item) generates them. These colours are often considered Lab Ray colours, even though they are also available through Fountain Faerie Quests: Alien, Chocolate, Coconut, Custard, Mallow, Snot, and Jelly.

Finally, the fruit and vegetable Chia colours are available through FFQs and Magical Chia Pops, but could be considered primarily Lab Ray colours due to the rarity of these alternate means. The Mutant colour is also available from the Lab Ray, even though you can obtain it from Transmogrification Potions and Fountain Faerie Quests.

Is there really no other way to get Lab Ray colours?

Technically you can get some of these colours by other means.

Any colour is available through the annual Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway, in which a very small number of lucky Neopets receive one permanent species and colour change on the Day of Giving.

If you scored enough points in the Return of Dr. Sloth plot then you could purchase a spiffy One-Use Robotification Zappermajig and give your pet that metallic Robot exterior they have always dreamed of.

Feeding them a whole heap of garlic can potentially change their colour to Garlic (though it isn't an exact science and this is a rare occurrence).

Similarly, TNT has reported that there is a very small chance of changing a Chia to Chocolate by feeding it large amounts of chocolate foods.

8-Bit was originally a Lab Ray exclusive colour, but that changed with the release of the 8-bit Power-Up Potion.

Can I sell or give away my Lab Ray access when I'm done with it?

Like other treasure maps, the pieces of the Lab Map disappear for ever when you hand them in. This means that you can't get them back when you decide you've done enough zapping. Access to the Ray itself is also tied to your individual account, so it's not something you can sell or give to a friend.

Oh em gee!!!11 My Lab Ray access disappeared!

It appears that there was a bug where people's Lab Rays would disappear. It isn't as common anymore, but if yours does disappear, contact The Neopets Team by sending a support ticket. They have installed a new feature to tell support whether or not you've ever had the Lab Ray.

Pwned by the Lab

Pwned by the Lab

Get your pet's species changed via the Lab Ray.

Looking for the Petpet Lab Ray information? Click here.

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