Recommended Hidden Tower Items

This Article was last updated on the 17th of September 2012. If the items here have been retired, are out of date, or there are new items of note, Please report this article for a revamp.

The Hidden Tower is by all accounts the most extravagant shop in Neopia. Looking at its prices you would be forgiven for thinking that every item in there is battledome gold.This article is mainly for users who wish to know what are the best deals in the Hidden Tower and avoid being ripped off. Just like many neopian weapons, however, price does not always correlate with power. A great many users over time have been swayed by prettiness - for example, the now retired Fire and Ice Blade, only to find out it was a comparatively weak item. This article is here to help you understand what the best deals in the Hidden Tower are, to save you a similar fate!

Please note, the items below are mentioned without any kind of official ranking. When the ratings system is up, refer to the individual pages to find out which one is "best"

Defensive Items

The tower offers a wide variety of different defensive items, with a good selection of shields; the best of these offer both a solid icon spread and full item blocking. These items are multi-use, and while Lab Rats may find better value for money with cheaper full blockers, these shields are often considered to be staple items of battledomers, being of high use to both Balanced and Tank style pets.

The most widely recognized blockers include the water Blocking Faerie Tabard, or the darkness blocking Ghostkershield. The Hidden Tower also offers other full blockers, including the light blocking Dr. Sloths Personal Body Armour and Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield as well as the slightly weaker earth blocking Shield of Pion Troect and air-blocking Shield of Faerieland. When it comes to defense items in the tower, you'll generally want to stick to full blockers. Other defensive items, such as the dual-duty Sunshine Shield are only good as collectors items, despite being in the tower.

Offensive Items

Offensive items in the tower represent the largest percentage of the items currently in the Hidden Tower, - which, of course, makes them the easiest to choose poorly from. Given the rise of cheap alternative weapons from other sources, the number of recommended items from here is rather low. This being said, the tower also stores some of the most powerful easily accessible weapons on Neopets. The Ghostkerbomb joins its shield brother (see defensive items) in offering a solid choice for when you need those few extra icons. Despite its recent fall in popularity, the Pirate Captains Cutlass offers reasonable power. Budget-wise the brand new Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy is an awesome investment with the epic water dealing Kelpbeards Trident offers a cheap, powerful (if a little bit predictable) alternative to the anagram swords.

Anagram Swords

The best multi-use attack items in the tower are the Anagram swords. The value of these swords in battledome is unmatched, especially in 1P combat. Up till recently, the only sword of this kind in the tower was the Sword of Skardsen. but then TNT released a series of anagram swords representing the other five elemental icon types. In addition to making the choice of which sword to pick in combat harder, it also made defending against 2P opponents a lot more difficult.

The new swords each had the same 16.25-24 icon attack, but had a different base elemental icon paired with the physical. For air icons Sword of Ari, for fire Sword of Reif, Water Sword of Tawre, earth Sword of Thare and light Sword of Thigl. Each of these swords are great in 1P but choosing which one to use in 2P is slightly harder. When deciding, try to keep in mind which full blockers are common at the moment. For example, the Sword of Skardsen has been nerfed in 2P due to the ready availability and popularity of the Hanso Charisma Charm.

Random Weapons

Some weapons in the tower are particularly unreliable, but can still be of use for certain battledomers. The Sword of Lameness, for example, can be a much cheaper full healer alternative if you have a lab rat with a huge amount of hp. The Glittery Faerie Dust can be a nightmare to defend against due to its random attacking nature.

Freezing Items

Freezing items are important to most battledomers as they provide a perfect turn to not have to worry. In the tower two items act as popular freezers. The reliable Magical Marbles of Mystery and the low chance multi-freezing Slumberberry Potion. Regardless of which of these items you use, the price of these freezers allow for other freezing prices to be kept in check.


The final mention in this article is the rarely thought of Jhudoras Crystal Ball which offers great tactical advantages in 2P, and can be upgraded into a Everlasting Crystal Apple for noobinator builds. This item allows for users to see the inventory of 2P combatants without their knowledge (unless upgraded into a crystal apple).


A final note on this topic is one not related to battledome. Please remember that items in the tower can retire, much like any other item. When this happens, Hidden Tower items often raise significantly in price depending on their power, the supply, and overall popularity. Even if an item is not mentioned in this guide, buying one for the hope it retires may still be a logical course of action.

This article was written by: SirCabbage