iDB Beta Feedback

Beta Testing

With over a week gone by since the start of beta and nearly 500 battles in the new battledome myself and hundreds of battles from other Battlepedia staff, we have put together a list of glitches, issues and concerns about the new battledome. This page will be updated throughout the process of the Beta to reflect fixed glitches and new Issues.

Issues and Glitches

In 2 Player, if you use a freezer, and it is stolen. It deals icons but does not freeze opponent.

Qasalan mummy and Kreludan defender bot don't have portraits.

- When entering a 2 player battle, if you enter after your opponent has already played, you can see which weapons they used.

- Combat log not always displaying moves, sometimes it is blank.

- The amount of icons defended is not always accurate. Click Here for an example.

- The weapons your opponent is using aren't being displayed

- Reflection is not displayed properly. Reflected icons are not functioning properly. No damage is dealt or received from reflected icons.

- The Negg Breaker is not available for battle.

- Items that attack with reflected icons do not do damage.

- When winning a battle against some opponents (Ryshu The Nimmo), clicking "Play again" gives an error. Other opponents see their HP and difficulty reduced when the battle is restarted.

- If you press the skip button on your last move, the battle doesn't always end. Sometimes you have to press "replay" and then it will finish the battle.

- 1 Player opponent statistics are not working. The old battledome 1-Player opponents used to have HP=STR=DEF (In general, not all cases). This made it easy to understand what you were up against. The Snowager on easy, although he has 700 HP, his STR boost is less than 7. He is dealing 0.5 damage per icon. This makes him much easier than he was intended to be in the original BD.

- 1 Player opponent difficulty does not reflect their difficulty or their HP gain when played on a different toughness. The DFM Pteri (Diff:75) has 1500 HP on the highest toughness, Ryshu the Nimmo (Diff:250) has 1000 HP. The difficulty does not accurately reflect opponent difficulty.

Fixed issues

- The fight record on the Battledome homepage is inaccurate. (only keeps track of new fights)

- The "Play Again" button at the end of a battle does not work.

- Sometimes getting the error message: "Sorry, there was an error sending/receiving data. Please try again." Changing weapons that your pet is attacking with sometimes fixes this. (Maybe caused by stealing weapon/stickyhand)

- The NP limit message when you have won a battle doesn't fit inside the "you win!" box.

- Healing doesn't display the accurate healing amount

- If you use a weapon , click on the weapon slot to change weapons but decide to keep using the original weapon. You cannot select it any more.

- When stealing with a weapon like the Purple Sticky Hand, opponent does not receive the stealer. You keep it and can use it again.

- 1-Player Challengers can use 1-use weapons (healers, freezers) multiple times.

- Freezing weapons only freeze the round of the move and not the next round. This renders weapons like t-tear useless because this has the same effect and does even more (prevents blocking).

- Item generators don't extend beyond 8 Weapons. if you try to generate a weapon when you already have 8 weapons, you will not receive the generated weapon.

- When stealing, the stealer does not receive the weapon which was stolen. Instead, they receive a frost mote which does not do anything in battle. If you have 8 items equipped and successfully steal a 9th weapon, you will not get the 9th weapon. (See item generators above)

- A pet can drink a healing potion outside of the battledome during a battle.

- Sick and hungry pets can still battle.

- Defence icons are not being displayed properly, when defending attacks, the battle log displayed a row with all icons. It does not display which icons are being blocked, nor does it display defence icons.

- Healing is not represented by a healing icon, it is not being displayed properly.

- Healing heals twice the intended amount of the item. Items that should heal 50 HP are healing 100 HP

- Using the same weapon twice: On your first round, select a multiuse weapon you have only 1 of. The second weapon you use should be a once per battle weapon. When the rounds actions are still in progress, click on the once per battle weapon you have just used, you can select the first weapon again. This allows you to use the same weapon twice.

Late Game Discussion:

The toughness levels have caused quite a stir in the BD community. Many different suggestions have been brought to peoples attention. Here's what I (Max) believe should happen:

The 3 toughness levels should remain, the system already seems set up to accommodate how points are distributed for different toughness's. My proposal is an extra toughness level, you can call it "Hardcore" or "Ladder". This toughness level would have the opponent at an easy difficulty but with an HP gain. A separate score and 1-player high score table can be set up for this different mode. The new battledome would be represented by the 3 toughness's whereas the old battledome style becomes a "hardcore mode". With an HP/stat Gain, the grind becomes less monotonous.

Having 2 different "modes" allows newer battledomers to appreciate challengers at a difficulty which they can choose. They can then get in high score tables if they grind enough. Hardcore mode would enable the people who have invested a significant amount of time and NP into their pet and their set to compete against each other, see who can take a 1 player opponent the farthest. Doing this adds an extra dimension of competitiveness to the battledome. Different dimensions of competitiveness encompass more peoples competitive levels and gives different people different things to do. Doing this can also create different cultures within the battledome community.

Some individuals are a lot more competitive than others. Offering different levels of competitiveness caters to different needs and keeps a greater amount of people happy, coming back and satisfied.

This article was written by: Max (Benladesh)