Mystery Island Training School

At the Mystery Island Training School, you are able to train your Neopet for the Battledome. You can use this Training School only until your pet reaches Level 250, at which point you will need to go to the Secret Ninja Training School.

There are five attributes you can train, they are: Strength, Defence, Agility, Endurance and Level.


All statistics are not allowed to go above twice your pet's level. The only exception is your Endurance (HP), which can only go three times higher than your level. However, if your Endurance is more than twice your level, you will not be able to train any other statistic. In order to train other statistics once again, you must train your level up until your Endurance is at most twice your level.

In addition, unlike the Swashbuckling Academy, once you select a course you cannot cancel it, even if you haven't paid yet. Make sure you've selected everything properly before starting!

Paying For Courses

Each time you take a course, you will be asked to pay with codestones which are chosen randomly each time. You can get them through random events, from other users' shops, or as prizes from playing Key Quest or fighting in the Battledome. When you want to pay (usually right after you start the course because time starts after payment), you should have your codestones in your inventory and then click the "here" in "Click here to pay." to pay and start your training. Courses cannot be cancelled.

Request for Payment

Length of Courses

Basically, the higher level your pet is, the longer the training session will be. The table below shows the levels.

Course TypeLevel of PetCostTime
Grasshopper20 and BelowOne Codestone2 Hours
Basic21-402 Codestones3 Hours
Intermediate41-803 Codestones4 Hours
Adept81-1004 Codestones6 Hours
Advanced101-1205 Codestones8 Hours
Expert121-1506 Codestones12 Hours
Master151-2007 Codestones18 Hours
Grand Master201-2508 Codestones24 Hours

Completing a Course

At the end of your training, you will need to press the button "Complete Course" in order for the new statistics to take effect. If not, your pet will sit there, waiting for you to press it. And you KNOW you don't want to see a pet staring at you. ;)

When you complete a course, your pet will only get 1 point in the trained area. Occasionally, however, you might get a 2 point boost and, rarely, a mega 3 point boost! (And on super rare occasions, up to 4 or 5 point boosts have been recorded.)

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