Mystic Mushroom Effects

A long time ago, Mystic Mushrooms were an inexpensive way to train your pets, because they constantly restocked in a shop named The Apothecary (shopkeeper pictured on the right). While you can't buy these shrooms from an official shop anymore, they still have an effect on your pet. You can search on the Shop Wizard or Trading Post if you wish to buy them; however, most of them are incredibly rare, so they will come with a hefty price tag! There are two different types of Mystic Mushrooms: ones that do things to your pet (such as heal them or give them stat boosts), and ones that simply act as food for your pet.

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Mystic Mushrooms - Special Effects
Blue Healthshroom Blue Healthshroom Heals your pet 1 hit point.
Green Healthshroom Green Healthshroom Heals your pet 11 hit points.
Green Toadstool Green Toadstool Heals your pet 3 hit points.
Level Up Shroom Level Up Shroom Raises your pet's level by 1.
Mega Power Plusshroom Mega Power Plusshroom Raises your pet by either 1 hit point, 1 strength point, or 1 level.
Poisonous Mushroom Poisonous Mushroom Gives your pet Neopox.
Purple Spotted Shroom Purple Spotted Shroom Either heals your pet 3 hit points, gives your pet 1 hit point, or gives 1 strength point.
Strength Shroom Strength Shroom Gives your pet 1 to 3 strength points.
Super Fast Shroom Super Fast Shroom Gives your pet 1 movement point.
Yellow Healthshroom Yellow Healthshroom Heals 15 hit points and cures your pet of any disease.

Other Mushrooms

This article talks about Mystic Mushrooms in particular, but there are many more mushroom items on Neopets--some are wearable and others are just food. To view them, simply perform a search in our Item Database!

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