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Events and Tournaments

The In-Depth Battlepedia hosts several different types of events and tournaments in the battledome. These events range from 1 Player tourneys, events that follow Neopets plots and 2-Player tournaments.

This page has all of the information for which events are coming up, which events are currently happening and also which events have just recently happened. Please refer back to this page occasionally to know what tournaments we have in the works and to know what events are underway.

League 54

League 54 is a popular battling league that iDB is planning on running events for. Click here to read up on what League 54 is and the rules surrounding the league.

League 97

In the past, iDB ran a number of League 97 events. Click here to read up on what League 97 is and the rules surrounding the league.

Current Events

There are currently no events in progress.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Past Events

Events that have been run in the past can be viewed using the selector below: