DaveHappy 15th Birthday, Jellyneo!
Posted by Dave on August 22, 2019, 8:22 am NST

On August 22nd, 15 years ago, Jellyneo was born! We've come a long way from debuting with just a handful of game guides—all the way to featuring: a complete Item Database, the only destination on the 'net for Neopian history and lore, a place to try on any wearable, the premier guide to the Battledome, a searchable, categorized listing of over 136,000 Neopets images, not to mention a massive repository of guides and articles for any Neopets feature you can probably think of. And all of it is done to help you, our fellow Neopians.

Normally, we use our birthday to take the opportunity to announce a few new features that we've been working on... but there's not much to announce today! (We've been spending a lot of time this past year working on upgrading some behind the scenes stuff, which hopefully we can show off soon!)

Book of Ages: Classic Neopet Info Animations
In the meantime, we wanted to spotlight one of our newest additions to the Book of Ages, and that is our Classic Neopet Info Animations history guide!

The videos in our historical guide were used to introduce Neopians to each species of Neopet and give them a little more information about their personalities. We have both the classic animations, and some even older static images from earlier iterations of certain species!

These animations have all been converted from their original Flash format so that they can continue to be enjoyed even after Flash goes away next year.

Check Out the Collection »

And that's it for our birthday update! Enjoy some cake, and here's to another 15 years of Neopets help!
lopiditty, 08/22/2019, 8:47 am NST
happy birthday JN

topaz644, 08/22/2019, 8:59 am NST
Happy Happy Birthday Jellyneo! Thank you for all you do for us!

rosi, 08/22/2019, 9:07 am NST
Awww, how sweet! Happy birthday Jellyneo!

drzoidberg, 08/22/2019, 9:25 am NST
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Here's to another 15 years!

debgil, 08/22/2019, 9:49 am NST
Happy Birthday, JN! Wishing you many more.

winterland, 08/22/2019, 10:19 am NST
Happy Birthday and thanks for the animations!
long ago since i was looking for them!

swevin, 08/22/2019, 10:24 am NST

vellen_, 08/22/2019, 10:41 am NST
Happy Birthday Jellyneo!

michael, 08/22/2019, 10:45 am NST
Happy birthday and congrats on being the least angsty and most wholesome 15 year old that could possibly exist. <3

jagaleigh, 08/22/2019, 10:55 am NST
Happy Birthday, y'all! Most helpful folks EVER.

kimberdigi, 08/22/2019, 11:02 am NST
Happy 15th, Jellyneo!!!

bearlvr, 08/22/2019, 11:03 am NST
Happy Birthday JN. Thanks for a great site.

mavegibson, 08/22/2019, 11:15 am NST
Happy birthday, JN!! Thanks so much for all the years of excellent Neo-related awesomeness! I really appreciate everything you do for the community!!

pandora, 08/22/2019, 11:20 am NST
Happy Birthday Jellyneo. I would be lost without you. Here's to many more years to come!

maknaetani, 08/22/2019, 11:39 am NST
Happy birthday Jellyneo! Thanks for all the amazing work y'all do ^^

musicpops, 08/22/2019, 11:40 am NST
Happy birthday, JN!

I see what you did there with the comma Looking forward to it!

jweb, 08/22/2019, 11:57 am NST
happy birthday JN

chocolatjellopudding, 08/22/2019, 1:00 pm NST
Happy Birthday JN

mistyraider, 08/22/2019, 1:01 pm NST
Happy Birthday Jellyneo. I so appreciate you!

remy, 08/22/2019, 1:04 pm NST
Happy Birthday JN! Neopets wouldn't be the same without you, thanks for everything you guys do!

terrih, 08/22/2019, 1:07 pm NST
You do a better job with your site than even Neopets does these days. Thanks for being my "go-to" for everything Neo related - happy birthday, and keep up the brilliant work!

bodhi, 08/22/2019, 1:44 pm NST
Happy 15th, Jellyneo! <3

azuresea, 08/22/2019, 2:19 pm NST
Happy Birthday JN!!

sycatt, 08/22/2019, 2:20 pm NST
15 years! Hard to believe isn't it?!
Congratulations, and Happy Birthday!
Grateful for all your help.

purplebin, 08/22/2019, 2:40 pm NST
I regret not joining JN in the first couple of years, but since then it's been an indispensable part of my Neopets experience. You guys do an amazing job with a relatively small staff, and I am in awe of you all.

jen - JN Staff, 08/22/2019, 3:16 pm NST
Happy birthday JN

chrisk123, 08/22/2019, 3:27 pm NST
Happy Birthday JN!!! I always stop by here first on my way to Neopets. I use your site to research so much, past events, game guides, item searches, and so much more! You are invaluable!

tomatereloco, 08/22/2019, 3:46 pm NST
Happy birthday!!!

moostafalafa, 08/22/2019, 4:31 pm NST

pikachu315111, 08/22/2019, 5:07 pm NST
Happy Birthday, JN!

phenixia, 08/22/2019, 5:15 pm NST

foxycleopatra, 08/22/2019, 6:24 pm NST
Happy birthday JN!!! Love the animations, great job as usual

inkpot, 08/22/2019, 6:56 pm NST
happy birthday and thank you to everyone for all that you do here~!

xx__dana__xx, 08/22/2019, 7:08 pm NST
Happy Birthday!

adventurer262, 08/22/2019, 7:08 pm NST
Awesome awesome awesome! Jellyneo is one of the most useful and fun sites I've ever used. Here's to many more years!

marfbear, 08/22/2019, 7:24 pm NST
!!!Happy Birthday!!!

dave - JN Staff, 08/22/2019, 8:41 pm NST
@musicpops: 🤭

lokaula, 08/22/2019, 8:44 pm NST
HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY JN!! Thanks for all you do!

1jediboy, 08/22/2019, 9:14 pm NST
Happy Birthday to the best guide site Neopets.com could ever ask for!
Friendly, helpful, thorough with data and just all-around awesome!

1jediboy, 08/22/2019, 9:18 pm NST
Comma? *finds link* 😲 OH EM GEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

katina_choovanski, 08/22/2019, 9:35 pm NST
Neopets has YOU to thank for making their site what it is today. The guides, lists, breaking news, companion event coverages, the list truly goes on and on. I echo everyone here and cannot possibly convey how much more fun Neopets is because of Jellyneo. Your site is my constant companion whenever I'm on Neopets.
Thank you all.

forgottenbirthdays, 08/22/2019, 10:21 pm NST

vaporesque, 08/22/2019, 10:27 pm NST
Happy Birthday JN *Tw0000t*

surferaj, 08/23/2019, 1:11 am NST
Many happy returns to Dave and all the JN Staffers. I agree with Katina, Neopets would not be what it is without Dave and Jellyneo!!! If I'm logged on to Neopets, I'm logged on here as well.

tayalove, 08/23/2019, 2:38 am NST
Happy birthday!

sentilari, 08/23/2019, 3:47 am NST
Happy birthday! If neopets still breathes until this day, it's because of you guys effort

smartypants902, 08/23/2019, 4:08 am NST
Thanks for Jellyneo. I keep open and use at least two Jellyneo tabs when I am on Neopets.

zeelink, 08/23/2019, 7:23 am NST
Happy Birthday JN! I'd be lost without you

macosten - JN Staff, 08/23/2019, 8:49 am NST
🎉🎉🎉 🎂 Happy 15th to JN!

xxpwincessxx125, 08/23/2019, 5:31 pm NST
Happy Birthday JN! <3 Thank you for all you do!

snowleopard55, 08/23/2019, 5:36 pm NST
Happy Birthday, JN! And an extra thank you to the very hardworking JN team. I can't go a day without multiple visits.

neocoladude, 08/23/2019, 11:19 pm NST
Nice! Will the plot comics be eventually converted from Flash as well?

shakespeareofborg, 08/24/2019, 1:07 am NST
Happy Birthday! And thanks for all you do!

gamer_5_55_555, 08/25/2019, 9:29 am NST
Happy birthday JN

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